September 01, 2008

Grotesque Productions will release a deluxe double CD by IMPETUOUS RAGE from Brasil. It will include their first album "Inverted Redemption" as well as their two first demos "First Manifestation Of Heresy" and "Decayed In The Pecaminous Profoundness". Sound samples can be checked out at the band’s myspace site

Rogga Johansson of RIBSPREADER / PAGANIZER and Kam Lee of DENIAL FIEND / MASSACRE have joined forces in a new band called BONE GNAWER. The line-up gets completed by Ronnie Bjornstrom of TAEDEAT / RIBSPREADER (guitar) and Morgan Lie of NAGLFAR (drums). They describe themselves like this: "The music is a simple assault of old school style 90s Swedish Death Metal with other pure classic Death Metal influences and influences of classic 80s style Death / Thrash, while the lyrics twisting on the bizarre, insane, and utter macabre world of modern cannibals and psychotic serial killers; as well as taking loose influences from horror movies with the same themes." BONE GNAWER is currently seeking a label that has the financial backing to put them into a studio, has world wide distro to cover Europe as well as the US and other places in the world, and has substantial advertisement and an A&R department to help push and support the band. Currently there’s already enough material for their debut full length album "Feast Of Flesh", ready to be released in the summer of 2009, with a possible tour in support of the release. Songtitles include ‘Hammer To The Skull’, ‘Cannibal Cook Out’, ‘Feast Of Flesh’, ‘Slice And Diced’, ‘Make You Die Slow’, ‘Defleshed And Skinned’ and ‘The Lucky Ones Die First’. An unfinished, unrefined, very rough (not mixed) version of the track ‘Hammer To The Skull’ can already be checked out at the band’s myspace site

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