September 04, 2008

L.A.’s Death Metal masters INFAMY have brought original lead guitarist Eddie Gomez back into the band so that they have a solidified line-up again. Their long awaited second full length album will finally be recorded this fall. The band gave us the following update earlier today: "Our next release will be the work of the last 10 years… We just found the engineer (ex-Rise) and are gearing up to record this thing ourselves, owning the music vs. the traditional way of being held hostage to an engineer. We bought our own hard drive and are keeping every recording session. That way we own our own music and won’t have to rely on a particular engineer… We did not release the "Gates Of Purgatory" EP because we got ripped off by the engineer. He took our money and went on a speed binge! We’ll be murdering him very shortly… We’ve never stopped, just that bad engineers and bad musicians are every bands delay! We’ve decided to go the Morbid Angel route where the drums and main guitar are all it takes to track the music and then add the missing pieces once the recording is done."

I Hate Records have signed Germany’s Thrashers MINOTAUR for the group’s long awaited comeback album "God Will Show You Mercy…We Will Not". Release date: January 2009. During 2009 I Hate will also do the first official re-release of the classic 1988 MINOTAUR debut album "Power Of Darkness". For more info check out:,

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