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May 28, 2008

In a statement sent today to the Earache offices, Glen Benton gives an update on his whereabouts and future plans for DEICIDE: "It is with great pleasure to announce that I will be performing with DEICIDE once again after a 14 month absence and that my legal issues that have prevented myself from performing have been resolved. Without going into great detail about my personal life, because I am a person who prefers his privacy. I wish to extend my apologies to the promoters and to my business associates who may have been inconvenienced. I look forward to rejoining Steve, Jack and Ralph on stage, and I would like to announce that we are presently booking exclusive dates or the United States and Europe for 2008 in support of "Till Death Do Us Part". I will be performing exclusive dates in major markets and festival dates only as to accommodate my parental responsibilities. The U.S. tour package will consist of ADRIFT from Tampa, Florida and Malevolent Creation in support of DEICIDE, with Malevolent supporting us on the Europe run as well. I would like to extend a thank you to my family, friends, and fans, and to everyone involved on the front lines and behind the scenes that supported me through this process."

May 27, 2008

Goregiastic Records have posted the final cover artwork (courtesy of Chris Moyen) for the upcoming release of SINISTER‘s "The Blood Past" CD at www.goregiasticrecords.com. The CD features all the early demo and EP material released by this legendary Dutch Death Metal band.

May 26, 2008

MELECHESH‘s "The Siege Of Lachish" will be re-released by Tarot Productions, formatted as a collector’s edition vinyl picture EP limited to only 300 copies worldwide. The title track was inspired by a text written by the Assyrian King Sennacherib as he witnessed his army invade the city of Lachish, which was approximately an hour and a half from Jerusalem. The site is nothing but ruins now, but with the text, it inspired this warlike song and is the principal track of this EP. The side B track, ‘Malek Al Nar’ (meaning king of fire in Arabic) is a fast and traditional Black Metal hymn. www.tarotproductions.com

726 is the latest excursion from Proscriptor, on his own label, Tarot Productions. This is visionary esoteric music that remains unpredictable and magickal. Psychedelic and ethereal eccentricities merge against a fluent beat reminiscent of 70’s Krautrock, Spacerock and New Age. Unlike his occult Metal commands in Absu, Proscriptor pushes the threshold of eclectic music and expression and proves it through 726. This is the first and only instrumental album by Proscriptor. Most of the music is a musical translation of magick, his system of Western occult practice, synthesized from many sources, including Eastern Yoga, Hermeticism, medieval grimoires, contemporary magickal theories from writers like Eliphas Levi and Helena Blavatsky and his own original contributions.

Also soon to be out on Tarot Productions is GOREAPHOBIA‘s "Sabbatic Communion" 7" EP. This is the band’s only unreleased material to see the light of day, as this EP features pre-production studio tracks intended for the "Conqueror Of Thorns" album. Formatted as a two-color vinyl collector’s piece, this release is strictly limited to only 500 copies worldwide.

New Renaissance Records has announced that the limited-edition re-release of the debut album from the old-school Canadian thrashers, SOOTHSAYER, entitled "Have A Good Time" has been set back until June 15, 2008. According to spokesperson Tony Collatta, the release was delayed by a last minute decision to re-master the album by the band. The album was subsequently re-mastered by SOOTHSAYER guitarist Martin Cy. Only 3,300 of the debut will be reissued. SOOTHSAYER will open for TESTAMENT on August 4, at I’Imperial in Quebec City, Canada. www.newrenaissancerecords.net

May 23, 2008

Former WARGOD / POST MORTEM / PHANTOM BLUE / MELDRUM guitarist Michelle Meldrum passed away at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Burbank, California on Wednesday, May 21 as a result of a cystic growth on her brain that had restricted oxygen and blood flow to her brain, rendering her braindead. She was 39 years old. Rest in peace Michelle.

May 21, 2008

The manager of former PHANTOM BLUE guitarist Michelle Meldrum – who has spent the past few years as the leader of her own band called MELDRUM – has told Blabbermouth.net that Meldrum is currently in a coma in a Los Angeles hospital and hasn’t been officially declared dead yet despite earlier reports to the contrary. According to Dawn Robinson of Dark Moon Entertainment, Michelle is in critical condition and is undergoing a number of tests which her family is hoping will result in a miracle that will allow her to "pull through." An official update regarding her status is expected sometime within the next 24 hours. Michelle Meldrum started her career in music by forming the Thrash Metal band WARGOD with drummer Gene Hoglan (DARK ANGEL, DEATH, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD). She also used to be part of New Renaissance Records’ artists POST MORTEM for a short time.

Blabbermouth just posted the following news: Former CELTIC FROST frontman Tom Gabriel Fischer has announced the formation of his new band, TRIPTYKON. Check out the group’s logo at this location. The first audio sample, a track called ‘Cucifixus’, can be heard on TRIPTYKON’s official MySpace page. Commented Fischer: "TRIPTYKON will sound as close to CELTIC FROST as is humanly possible, and the album I am working on will feature all the material I envisioned for the successor to [CELTIC FROST’s] "Monotheist". I desire the album to be a darker, heavier, and slightly more experimental development of "Monotheist". ‘Cucifixus’ is but one of many compositions to that end. TRIPTYKON is not defined by just this one song, however, just like CELTIC FROST was not defined by ‘Totengott’ alone." Fischer announced his departure from CELTIC FROST last month, citing "the irresolvable, severe erosion of the personal basis so urgently required to collaborate within a band so unique, volatile, and ambitious." "I have always seen the "Monotheist" album as a mere beginning, and a tame one at that," he explained. "My mind and spirit are full of energy, creativity, and ideas. CELTIC FROST had become the unreserved focus of my life for the second time. I was looking forward immeasurably to working on the next CELTIC FROST album. To me, it needed to be darker, heavier, and more experimental than "Monotheist". And yet, CELTIC FROST consisted of three individuals, and I was only one of them. In the end I had to concede to myself that there was no other option." Fischer added, "Artistically, I did not want to leave CELTIC FROST at all; I have never been happier with the music and creativity in the band. I saw "Monotheist" as only the first of hopefully several distinctive albums by this group. I thus plan on continuing exactly in the artistic vein of CELTIC FROST. I had very a distinct vision of what the next two CELTIC FROST albums might consist of, and I intend to eventually fulfill this vision and complete these albums with a new group. I would also like to continue touring and perform the music I have written in CELTIC FROST over the years for audiences all across the globe." It was reported earlier in the year that CELTIC FROST was putting together an album tentatively titled "Monotheist Companion" that will feature unreleased songs from 2006’s "Monotheist" sessions and rearrangements of tracks from the album. The disc is tentatively due in the summer.

May 19, 2008

Xtreem Music have signed Spanish old school Thrash Metal newcomers AGGRESSION. Their debut six track mini CD "Thrashing Your Brain" was recorded at AXtudios and gained them the attention from Xtreem Music who immediately offered them a 2-album deal. The band is influenced by bands like EXODUS, TESTAMENT, ONSLAUGHT, SLAYER, HIRAX and even ANTHRAX from their best works and currently writing new songs for their debut full length album, scheduled for a late 2008 release. "Thrashing Your Brain" is available both directly from the band or through Xtreem Music’s mailorder. Three of the songs are available for listening at the band’s own website www.myspace.com/aggressionband

May 09, 2008

The release date for the new RESURRECTION album "Mistaken For Dead" is now June 27, 2008 in Europe via Massacre Records and unknown at this time in North America via Locomotive Records. Dan Seagrave did the cover art once again.

KATAPLEXIA have finished recording their third album "Supreme Authority" during March / April. It features session drummer Timo Hakkinen (from SOTAJUMALA), while the cover art was done by Greek artist George "Grin". You can check out one of the new songs, as well as the artwork at www.myspace.com/kataplexia. KATAPLEXIA will celebrate the release of "Supreme Authority" at the Deathfeast Festival, which takes place in Germany from June 12 – 14, 2008.

May 07, 2008

Dutch Thrashers DEAD HEAD are ready to enter the studio to record their much anticipated follow-up to 2005’s "Haatland". Returning to a more vicious rabid Thrash approach the new album "Depression Tank" (working title) is expected to be released right after this summer. In related news, DEAD HEAD’s 1999 "Kill Division" album will be reissued by Displeased Records around the same time, with bonus live material.

Peruvians ANAL VOMIT are currently trying to set up a European tour. Details will follow as soon as certainties are met. In the meanwhile, US specialist label Nuclear War Now! recently issued the latest ANAL VOMIT studio album "Depravation" on vinyl.

May 06, 2008

Reformed Dutch Death Metal outfit ASPHYX (Martin van Drunen – vocals, Wannes Gubbels – bass / vocals, Paul Baayens – guitar and Bob Bagchus – drums) will release a new 7" EP, "Death The Brutal Way", via Iron Pegasus Records. The single will include the brand new title track plus a cover of CELTIC FROST’s ‘Os Abysmi Vel Daath’ from the "Monotheist" album. Both tracks were recorded in January 2008 at Harrow Studios.

May 05, 2008

For the past 21 years DARKTHRONE have been leaders of the Black Metal scene. To coincide with this anniversary, Peaceville Records are releasing the 3CD set, "Frostland Tapes" on May 26th 2008. This is a fascinating trip into the earliest years of the band and the first official release ever to contain all 4 of Darkthrone’s demos in one place. "Frostland Tapes" also includes a rare live recording from Denmark in 1990 (one of only a handful of live appearances that Darkthrone has ever made) and, perhaps most significantly, the previously unreleased version of the infamous 1991 "Goatlord" rehearsal session. These songs were intended to feature on the proposed second album, before the band changed direction and the tapes were confined to the vaults. Vocals were subsequently added in the mid-nineties, but they are presented here as the recording sounded in 1991 – instrumental genius, showing the complexity and intricacy of a band with a great future ahead of them. The set comes in a rigid digibook featuring an interview with the band, chronicling their early days, ambitions and inspirations.

"Undergrounding", the new album by Swedish Death Metal act STARTERHEADS (featuring Conny Pettersson from Anata on drums) will be released on June 3 via Indark Music. www.starterhead.com