April 01, 2009

The 8th, still untitled, THE CHASM album is reaching its final mixing stages. It will include 8 songs at a 60+ minutes running time. Mastering will be next and samples, artwork and titles will be unveiled right after. Lux Inframundis will be in charge of the release as agreed with Wicked World.

After some extensive / expansive recording sessions the completed mix of MAGNUM ITINER INTERIUS‘ "Ad Honorem Defuncto" album has been sent to the mastering facility. Musically it has been described as an instrumental "meditative / funereal" solo effort by THE CHASM’s Daniel Corchado. The release date will be announced shortly. Audio samples are available at www.luxinframundis.com

Roberto Valle’s THY ONLY FORGOTTEN have finished the writing process of their upcoming as-yet-untitled EP (3 new tracks plus 2 reworked songs from the first demos). Former member Demonzu has rejoined the band as their 2nd guitar player. A late May recording session has been scheduled at Lux Inframundis. A preview of things that are to come as well as 2 old tracks from the first demos are available on the Audio samples page. www.luxinframundis.com

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