December 04, 2009

Mexican Dybbuk Records, who recently released the AXIS POWERS compilation "Born For War", have several new items in the queue: concerning merchandise they already sell the official t-shirts from KILL with the "No Catharsis" cover and in the next week TRIBULATION t-shirts will be available (in size S, M, L & XL) and strictly limited to 70 pieces. Regarding official recordings they are going to release the demo from Swedish Death Metal band LAMENTATION along with the upcoming CD from RAWHIDE (Swedish Rock’n’Roll like a mix between MOTÖRHEAD, GG ALLIN, RAMONES and TURNONEGRO with BESTIAL MOCKERY members) and the pro-tape in a limited version of 300 copies of KILL’s "No Catharsis" demo all in early 2010. Check out for additional information and ordering details.

The next 6 bands confirmed for NEUROTIC DEATHFEST are: ABORTED, CEREBRAL BORE, DEW-SCENTED, GOROD, ROTTEN SOUND and THE RED CHORD. With these confirmations the organisation is near completion of the festival. There are 3 acts left to announce, which will be done in about a week time. Apart from that the organisation will announce several other surprises in the forthcoming weeks.

Swedish old school Death Metallers FATALIST have begun filming a video for the track ‘Frozen Epitaph’. Frontman Neil Burkdoll issued the following statement about the video shoot: "We filmed about 4 hours of footage for our ‘Frozen Epitaph’ video this past weekend. We have a lot of editing to do and maybe a few more things to film, but overall it’s coming along nicely. We are happy with the footage that we captured, but now the real work begins with making it something anyone would want to watch. We are trying to get it finished for the European release date of "The Depths Of Inhumanity" in late January 2010. Wish us luck!!!" Stills from the Frozen Epitaph’ video shoot can be seen on the band’s myspace page

Underground journalist Ryan Bartek has unleashed his book THE BIG SHINY PRISON as a free PDF download here (MS Word Document or RTF File upon request from It covers all forms of extreme Metal, Punk, Industrial, Experimental, Rock, Electronic, Psychedelia, etc. and features interviews with a.o. Brutal Truth, Millions of Dead Cops, Impaled, DWARVES, Repulsion, Cephalic Carnage, A.C., Pig Destroyer, Kylesa, STALAGGH, Genghis Tron and Abysmal Dawn. Even USA president Barack Obama makes the most bizarre appearance of his entire career. The following statement comes directly from the author: "My name is Ryan Bartek. For the past 3 years I’ve sacrificed everything for the successful completion of this project. I spent a year on the road, another year completing and shopping it, and another year of total rejection. It is only karmically fitting that both the demise of magazine and book publishing come in one fell swoop. I was never in it for the money, nor the aspect of celebrity. I have spent an upwards of $10,000 on it, which I remark only to underline my absolute sincerity. No one would deny its quality – but the raw nature of the work, as well as its excessive length, made it impossible to pigeon hole or successfully shop. Nothing quite like it has ever surfaced, at least not in the format I’ve undertaken. After this seemingly endless struggle, I have decided to offer it to the public domain. While I retain the copyright / trademark, I both encourage and support file sharing. It is my only wish that this manuscript be circulated and appreciated. Perhaps when all is said and done, someone might offer a physical print run." More info you may find at

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