December 11, 2009

After GRAVEHAMMER some days ago, VETERNUS from Uppsala, Sweden, has just joint the Detest Records roster. The band’s first 7" EP will be available in the first part of 2010. More info and an updated releases calendar are to be found on

Changes in the schedules for the CD version of the RESURRECTED IN FESTERING SLIME compilation. While the LP version was already released a little more than half a year ago on Soulseller Records, the CD version will, referring to newest information, not be released on this label, but on Swedish Iron Fist Productions ( in mid February 2010. In the US it will be distributed by Iron Fist’s partner Abyss Records. The CD version contains remarkable distinctions in comparison to the vinyl one. It features an unreleased TORMENTED track (that won’t be released anywhere else), a remastered song from MIASMAL’s first demo and a remastered and different version of GRAVELESS’ song ‘In Articulo Mortis’ (more sinister and with hidden stuff that doesn’t appear in the vinyl version). In addition, the artwork was completely done and revamped by Jonathan Hultén (STENCH / TRIBULATION / NECROMANTIC ART). The official "Resurrected In Festering Slime" poster can be downloaded at

Israel’s SALEM, who recently left Season Of Mist, just released the following statement: "We are thrilled to join the Pulverised team. The label is very attentive to our needs and puts us as a top priority act. It is something we have been yearning for years. We feel confident that together we can achieve goals that have alluded us in the past few years." The band’s 7th album "Playing God" is scheduled to be released mid 2010 and will include 12 new tracks, including a cover of Bob Marley’s ‘Exodus’. SALEM recently took a brand new promo photo-shoot in conjunction with the concept of the upcoming album, with the entire band wearing ‘superhero costumes’. Skinsman Nir Nakav explained: "The opening track on the new album, ‘Drums Of The Dead’ is inspired by a Hellboy graphic story by the same name. It is the first time that Abe Sapien goes on a solo mission and in the promo picture I am wearing a shirt that carries the insignia of his bureau. Remaining true to form, the other guys in the band took on characters that "Play God"; Superman with his ability to reverse time (that is why he can be seen in 3 different places at the same time on the promo shot) and the Punisher who kills evildoers. As the lyricist of SALEM, I feel obligated to add that this album will mark the first time in the band’s history that we are not touching on political subjects. The album texts are all inspired by either stories I read or movies I watched in the past couple of years. I think that after a quarter of century, it is important for a band to keep moving forwards, feel fresh, innovative and vibrant. I believe that once the album is out, the world will witness a tighter than ever band with a new twist." You can watch 3-minute video footage from the recording sessions here. The clip includes the percussion session for the song ‘Drums Of The Dead’. For more info go to

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