December 23, 2009

MASTER have recently completed recording their upcoming new full-length entitled "The Human Machine". The mixing process is still currently underway, and an expected date for the album mastering should begin on December 30, 2009. States MASTER founder / frontman Paul Speckmann: "MASTER are in the studio mixing, and mastering soon. Things are going very well at the moment. We hope to finish this in the next few days. I am very happy with the way things have turned out and it will be killer to finally have a CD released once again on a professional label such as Pulverised. Things look very good on the horizon with Brazil and European tours coming soon. See you on the road my friends." MASTER are scheduled for a Brazilian tour in mid-January 2010, followed by 2 back-to-back European tours in support of the upcoming new album "The Human Machine". More details and announcement will be made soon on the European tours.

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