February 13, 2009

VILE‘s founding member and songwriter Colin Davis has announced the unveiling of his own record label, Ninth Underworld Records. The label’s first release will be the as-yet untitled 4th album from the extreme Metal band VILE. Re-mixed and re-mastered releases of past VILE offerings will follow shortly afterwards in applicable territories. Davis released an official statement regarding his reasons for this new endeavor. "After an extensive and unsatisfying search for a new label partner for VILE, I realized that the universe was making a clear statement to me. It was not only in the best interests of the band and myself, but it was in the best interests of the extreme Metal world as a whole, that I do this. We are leaving the time of centralized power and the music industry is vastly affected. Now is the time for independent bands and entrepreneurs to take control of their own musical destiny. I feel that I can do this job with more care and more intent than anybody else. True, I do not have the industry connections or money that a big label has, but I can focus clearly and constantly exactly where I need to and that is what will make this label work." VILE’s European street team leader Kevin Rymen of Belgium has partnered up with Davis and is hard at work establishing industry contacts and business partners. Ninth Underworld is seeking distribution options in all countries and territories as well as possible licensing deals. Interested parties may contact Colin Davis or Kevin Rymen through the label’s Myspace page.

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