January 23, 2009

EXHORDER is officially back in business. Here’s some excerpts of an official statement courtesy of Vinne LaBella: "After tossing this around for quite some time we actually just decided to do this less than a week ago so at this time we have no real direction on what we want to do as far as shows, tours, albums etc. As of right now the first step is to get a new bass player and get back to rehearsing. This will probably be a slow process and you’ve waited a long time already but your patience will be rewarded and as you already know we never disappoint."

Texas based RAPE, PILLAGE & BURN‘s first album "Audible Hell" will be released on Tuesday, 29th of January through Ibex Moon Records. The band, which features ex-members of DISMEMBER and DIVINE EVE in their line-up, is also featured on the upcoming vinyl compilation "Resurrection In Festering Slime" with the song ‘1911’. As they say, "watch out for the future, you may have napalm dropped upon your dreams!". www.myspace.com/rapepillageandburn666

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