January 24, 2009

Preparations are currently being made for the as of yet untitled second full-length album by PROFANATICA (the follow up to "Profanatitas De Domonatia"), to be released in 2009 via Hells Headbangers Records on CD, LP and Picture LP. Paul Ledney’s other band HAVOHEJ will also release their second album "Kembatinan Premaster" via Hells Headbangers Records later this year.

German Death Metallers OBSCURA have posted the title song from their forthcoming Relapse debut "Cosmogenesis" on the band’s official MySpace site www.myspace.com/realmofobscura. It features a guest appearance by Ron Jarzombek (Spastic Ink, Watchtower). The album will see its North American release on February 17th, 2009 (March 2nd internationally). Additional release information and album artwork can be found here.

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