June 01, 2009

TORMENTED‘s debut album "Rotten Death" is out on Iron Fist Productions since May 30, 2009. TORMENTED (featuring ex-members of DARKIFIED, EDGE OF SANITY, MARDUK, PAN-THY-MONIUM) will also be included on the CD-version of "Resurrected In Festering Slime" with their track ‘Awakening Of The Dead’ later this year as mentioned earlier here. Take a look at www.myspace.com/fuckingtormented.

German newcomers THY FINAL PAIN recently released their new album "… Of Life And Death" through STF-Records. This is their 2nd release after their selffinanced debut album "Epitaph". Massive rhythmic Death Metal is how the band describes their sound. THY FINAL PAIN is the new band of Simon Dorn and Marc Jüttner, 2 former members of German DEBAUCHERY. Check out www.thy-final-pain.com for further information and soundsamples.

Issue III of CRYPTS OF ETERNITY fanzine is out now. 48 pages featuring interviews with BLASPHERIAN, DROWNED, FUNEBRARUM, GODLESS, GODLESS RISING, GOREAPHOBIA, UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN, GRAVEYARD, HATESPAWN, IGNIVOMOUS, IMPETUOUS RAGE, INCRUST, NECROVATION, VOIDS OF VOMIT and PROFANER. Besides that find a POSSESSED / SADISTIC INTENT / HEADHUNTER D.C. gig report and countless reviews. Get in touch with Ricardo Lucas, emailaddress lucasinhell@msn.com or per regular mail at Crypts Of Eternity zine, P. O. Box 25, Lima 41, Peru for ordering details.

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