June 17, 2009

HATE FOREST from the Ukraine have signed a deal with Osmose Productions to re-issue the band’s entire back catalogue. The 6 records will be released from October 2009 to March 2010 as digipaks, limited to 1000 copies each, remastered and with much improved booklets. The band’s music is being described as a "grim, aggressive and straight forward mix of Black and Death Metal with distorted low vocals and ambient elements." The band never gave interviews, never made photos and always held the distance from the whole Black Metal scene.

GRAVEYARD have just finished recording their debut album "One With The Dead". The album will be mastered by none other than Dan Swanö. The tracklist goes as follows: ‘Prologue: The Reaping’, ‘Pantheon Vulture’, ‘The Burning Gate’, ‘Riding A Pale Horse’, ‘Necrology’, ‘Carven Epitaph’, ‘One With The Dead’, ‘Walking Horrors Of The Undead’, ‘Abandoned Churches’, ‘Caro Data Vermibus’ and ‘The Skull’. The CD will be released by Blackseed Productions and the vinyl by Antichristian Front Records. There will be a limited CD edition, including the CANDLEMASS cover ‘A Tale Of Creation’, featuring vocals by Dan Swanö and drums by NOMINON’s Perra Karlsson. The vinyl edition will include a re-recorded version of the band’s demo song ‘Into The Mausoleum’. The release date is set to September 01, 2009.

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