March 26, 2009

Chilean Death Metal warriors THORNAFIRE are in the midst of recording their sophomore album for Ibex Moon Records, "Vorex Deconstrucción". Guitarist Victor Mac-Namara had this to say about the recording process: "We have finished the drums and guitars for our new album. All that is left is the bass, vocals, some arrangements with synths, and some obscure characterizations from an actress to work the concept of the new album. We are very anxious and we hope to get a great album of Death Metal. The songs that we composed are not in the current way of endless blast beat songs. We do it the old way – memorable music with variety, twisted riffs, and lot of madness!"

Ventura, CA Death Metallers FATALIST are in the studio recording "The Depths Of Inhumanity", their debut album for Ibex Moon Records. Guitarist / vocalist Neil Burkdoll (DIRTY DEAD, ex – STUMP) had this to say about it. "We have been recording four new songs that will be added to the seven songs that make up the "Loss" recording. These 11 songs will clock in around 45 minutes and will be released as the "The Depths Of Inhumanity" album for Ibex Moon Records. The four new songs have a little more variety to them and we feel they round out the album pretty well. Right now, all we have left is the guitar solos and the mixing and mastering to do on these new songs. The recording is being done by me with input from guitarist / vocalist Wes Caley (ex-EXHUMED, ex – UPHILL BATTLE) once again and I’ll be mixing and mastering as well. We know it has been a long time and we hope to get the album out in the near future."

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