May 18, 2009

EXUMER have posted a tour-picture diary on their homepage and myspace sites, documenting their recent "5 Nights Of Fire" tour which took through 4 countries on 2 continents in April / May 2009. The band also revealed plans on how and when they will release their first new song in 22 years to the public. Lead vocalist Mem V. Stein comments on the band’s plans: "We felt very fortunate to have been able to perform at this year’s KIT 12 and it was a fantastic opportunity for the band to present ourselves in such a forum. The energy level from the fans was tremendous that day and luckily we filmed the show with our own 3 cameras. We will exclusively use footage from KIT 12 to release our new track ‘Waking The Fire’, as a video clip to the public in June." To view EXUMER’s picture diary and more information go to: and For the latest EXUMER interview with details of their tour and the up-coming album, please visit:

Russian Viking Metal veterans NOMANS LAND have successfully completed the recordings for their fourth album "Farnord", which was produced at Finnish Sevik Audio studios. The release date is August 29, 2009. First audio impressions can already be checked out at:

Norwegian Viking Metal pioneers THUNDRA, featuring founding members of ENSLAVED and EINHERJER, have announced "Ignored By Fear" as the title for their new album. It is scheduled to be released on August 29, 2009. First videos and song teasers are available at NOMANS LAND and THUNDRA plan to promote their new albums in Germany and Europe with a shared tour in November 2009 also featuring OBSCURITY and KROMLEK. More news and dates to follow shortly.

The fourth album by Vikinger Metallers THUDVANGAR will be produced by the end of May. It will contain 13 tracks with more than 60 minutes of music. A limited digipak version including a DVD, which will feature a video clip, an interview and live recordings from this year’s Barther Metal Open Air 2009, will also be made available. The release is planned for winter 2009 / 2010. THRUDVANGAR will play a mini tour in September joined by their labelmates ANDRAS and MORTAL INTENTION. More at:

Austria’s BIFRÖST are currently working on their second studio album "Heidenmetal" with the active support of musician and producer Stefan Traunmüller. Release date will be in the Winter 2009 / 2010. More info:

Black Blood Records have signed Dresden’s Epic Black Metal Band SADO SATHANAS. Their new album "Opus Diaboli" will be released in the winter 2009 / 2010. More information at:

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