May 28, 2009

On July 1st Xtreem Music will officially be re-releasing "Iniquitous", the one and only full length album by Pennsylvania’s Death Metal masters ROTTREVORE. The album was originally released in late 1993 by Drowned Productions (former Xtreem Music label) and only pressed in 1.000 copies before the label’s demise (and later name change to Repulse Records). Fans have constantly been paying between 80-150 Euros for one copy on eBay and there’s even a bootleg version of the album on 12"LP vinyl with a very shitty quality. "Iniquitous" is going to be properly re-issued on CD & 12"LP (green vinyl splattered in black) format and t-shirts will also be made. It will come with remastered sound, a new, revamped layout (including lyrics and extra band photos not featured on the original version) and 3 live bonus tracks from ’92. Mark Mastro, vocalist & guitarist of the band and responsible for the album’s cover art, provided the original version of the painting to ensure that the highest quality will be meet on every version (CD/LP/shirt). For more info check out

The book "Swedish Death Metal" was sensational, but what about a book dealing with the Tampa Metal scene from 1980 to 199?, focusing mostly on Death Metal with names as NOCTURNUS, MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE, ATHEIST, OBITUARY, DEATH, MASSACRE, ICED EARTH, BRUTALITY, MONSTROSITY, DISINCARNATE, NASTY SAVAGE, HELLWITCH, SIX FEET UNTER and many others? This book will come true in a couple of months according to John Tucci – author of this more than 400 pages yet untitled monumental piece of work. Writing more than 2 and a half years on this project and driving all over Florida for interviews, the topics to expect are, among others, the history of the bands of the Tampa scene, the history of Metal in Tampa itself, the birth of the scene, the evolution of Metal from NWOBHM to Tampa Death Metal, Satanism and the occult, significance of blast beats, Morrisound and recording technology, guitar work, personal philosphies and anti Christianity, the "decline" of Death Metal, significance of horror and gore imagery, tape trading, and many funny and crazy stories of the bands. John is currently searching for a publisher and in the meantime sewing his work together. The current plan is to have everything ready to go to the printer by the end of summer 2009. We are eagerly waiting for it…

After 15 years of silence Polish Death Metal outfit ARMAGEDON are back with their 2nd album "Death Then Nothing". ARMAGEDON already released the demo "Dead Condemnation" in 1991 and their debut album "Invisible Circle" in 1993. For ordering details contact the band at Unfortunately no further information is available until now as their homepage is only in Polish.

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