May 29, 2009

Slava Giebel, the 20-year-old guitarist for the German Viking Metal band STRYDEGOR, was killed in a car accident the night of May 23. Rest in peace buddy.

A limited edition CD-version of the compilation RESURRECTED IN FESTERING SLIME will be released in the upcoming months by Soulseller Records. Unlike the LP-version 2 additional (Swedish) bands have joined the list and will be featured in this version: MIASMAL (featuring members of CORRUPT) and TORMENTED (featuring ex-members of DARKIFIED, EDGE OF SANITY, MARDUK, PAN-THY-MON-IUM, among others) with one song each. Only 500 copies to be released! More information soon on

Great Britain’s CRUCIAMENTUM just released their 2nd demo "Convocation Of Crawling Chaos". 4 songs on professional printed tape of morbid and crushing claustrophobic Death Metal, influenced by INCANTATION, ROTTREVORE, ABHORRENCE and IMMOLATION is what the band announces themselves. The tape sells for £4 UK, €6 Europe and $7 rest of the world (prices are including postage and packing). Further details on

American new founded label Archasm Releasing offers their first release, the split 7"EP of FATHER BEFOULED / DECREPITAPH, for sale. It sells for $8 USA or $11 rest of the world. All copies come on dark blue / purple swirl vinyl in a double sided fold out with insert. Each copy includes a DECREPITAPH and FATHER BEFOULED sticker. Contact info@ or

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