November 02, 2009

CHAOS MAGAZINE # 15 is finally out, featuring in-depth interviews with HATE ETERNAL, RESURRECTION, SINISTER, VADER, BEHEMOTH, EXMORTEM, VACANT COFFIN, BOOK OF BLACK EARTH, MACHETAZO, DARKNESS BY OATH, AMON AMARTH, EVOCATION, SEANCE, THE UGLY, UNANIMATED, THE CROWN as well as a huge Rogga Johansson-special including individual interviews with (almost) all of his past, present and future bands such as PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER, CARVE, DEMIURG, THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE, BONE GNAWER (feat. Kam Lee of MASSACRE) or PUTREVORE (feat. Dave Rotten of AVULSED). A detailed label report on the up-and-coming PULVERISED RECORDS from Singapore and approximately 666 reviews, a free "True Black Metal Memory" as well as a full-coloured front cover artwork by KILLUSTRATIONS complete the picture. 80 A4 pages, pro-printed on high-quality paper, available for EUR 5,00 (Germany), EUR 6,00 (Europe) or USD 9,00 (rest of the world) from: CHAOS MAGAZINE, P.O. Box 70 20, 72734 Reutlingen, Germany,,

ASSASSIN will headline the True Thrash Fest 2010 in Osaka, Japan on March 27 and 28, 2010, on both days. Other confirmed bands are AT WAR (USA) and WARPATH (UK). Some Japanese bands will also play. More info at or

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