October 11, 2009

MYSTICAL MUSIC ZINE # 14 – "a tribute to the darkened old school Death Metal way", is out now, featuring in-depth interviews with ASPHYX, AT THE GATES, AXIS POWERS, AVULSED, BLOODY SIGN, DESULTORY, DENIAL, ENTOMBED, FUNEBRARUM, HATESPAWN, IMPIETY, LAY DOWN ROTTEN, LIFELESS, MASSIVE ASSAULT, MORBID FLESH, PUTERAEON, PURGATORY, SEANCE and TRIBULATION. You’ll also get tons of reviews, a free DISMEMBER / NECROPHOBIC poster and a free CDR Sampler feat. tracks by MORBUS CHRON, STENCH OF DECAY, BONE GNAWER, DEAD CONGREGATION, MORBID FLESH, LIFELESS, NOMAD, INFINITUM OBSCURE, DEAD, AVULSED, TORMENTED, UNCONSECRATED and many more (19 bands in total). The zine is entirely written in English again, limited to 500 copies and sells for 6 Euro or 9 US$ (ppd). Paypal possible or send well hidden cash. For more info contact Ralf at hauber666@gmx.de

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