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March 31, 2009

Metal Mind Productions will release BEHEMOTH‘s "Live Eschaton – The Art Of Rebellion" DVD on April 20 in Europe and May 05 in the USA (via MVD). It contains material taken from "Live Eschaton", Behemoth’s debut video and includes live footage from their concert in a TV studio in Krakow on April 27, 2000. Special features include 2 bonus video tracks plus 6 extra audio tracks (‘Cursed Angel Of Doom’, ‘Dark Triumph’, ‘Forgotten Empire Of Dark Witchcraft’, ‘Forgotten Cult Of Aldaron’, ‘Dragon’s Lair (Cosmic Flames And Four Barbaric Seasons)’ and ‘With Spell Of Inferno’), as well as an interview with Behemoth’s mastermind Nergal, a discography, photo gallery, desktop images and more.

March 27, 2009

"The ultimate old school magazine" (as the flyer states) CONSUMED BY DARKNESS # 1 is available in printed and digital form now. 48 pages of old school madness featuring interviews with CRYPT OF KERBEROS, FURBOWL and MORPHEUS plus a huge amount of reviews (AT THE GATES, NIHILIST, DISMEMBER, UNLEASHED, MYKORRHIZA, ENTOMBED, MASSACRA, MORDICUS…). The fanzine sells for 3 € (postage not included) at Temple Of Darkness, C. Tiro 5-7, piso 7 puerto 4, 08035 – Barcelona, Spain or T213, Av. Diagonal 32, piso 3 puerta 4, 08017 – Barcelona, Spain. Apart from that CONSUMED BY DARKNESS can be downloaded as digital version free of charges here. The editors ask for donation or purchase of the printed version if you like what you read. Check out www.myspace.com/cbd213 or www.templeofdarknessrecords.com

March 26, 2009

Chilean Death Metal warriors THORNAFIRE are in the midst of recording their sophomore album for Ibex Moon Records, "Vorex Deconstrucción". Guitarist Victor Mac-Namara had this to say about the recording process: "We have finished the drums and guitars for our new album. All that is left is the bass, vocals, some arrangements with synths, and some obscure characterizations from an actress to work the concept of the new album. We are very anxious and we hope to get a great album of Death Metal. The songs that we composed are not in the current way of endless blast beat songs. We do it the old way – memorable music with variety, twisted riffs, and lot of madness!"

Ventura, CA Death Metallers FATALIST are in the studio recording "The Depths Of Inhumanity", their debut album for Ibex Moon Records. Guitarist / vocalist Neil Burkdoll (DIRTY DEAD, ex – STUMP) had this to say about it. "We have been recording four new songs that will be added to the seven songs that make up the "Loss" recording. These 11 songs will clock in around 45 minutes and will be released as the "The Depths Of Inhumanity" album for Ibex Moon Records. The four new songs have a little more variety to them and we feel they round out the album pretty well. Right now, all we have left is the guitar solos and the mixing and mastering to do on these new songs. The recording is being done by me with input from guitarist / vocalist Wes Caley (ex-EXHUMED, ex – UPHILL BATTLE) once again and I’ll be mixing and mastering as well. We know it has been a long time and we hope to get the album out in the near future."

March 24, 2009

On March 27, 2009 Norma.Evangelium.Diaboli will be releasing "Seven Chalices", the debut full length by Spanish Black / Death Metallers TEITANBLOOD on CD / DLP. For all further info, check out www.noevdia.com or www.teitanblood.com.

Denmark’s VICTIMIZER have finalized the mastering of their mini album. Two new tracks from this forthcoming release namely ‘E-37101’ as well as the re-recorded and pummeling version of ‘Reap The Nuclear Whirlwind’ are up on their myspace page www.myspace.com/666victimizer. The complete tracklist for "Resurrected Abominations" reads like this: ‘Worthy Of Hell’, ‘Reap The Nuclear Whirlwind’, ‘Resurrected Abominations’, ‘Lucifer’s Domain (HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH cover) and ‘E-37101’. During the next few weeks the band will put together a new setlist and start rehearsing for future gigs with loose plans of a small Denmark tour with two bands that they are close friends with later this year.

March 22, 2009

Guitarist Philip C. Newbaker V of the Pennsylvania Death Metal bands MAUSOLEUM and NECROTOMIE, died on March 20 at the Memorial Medical Center. He was 38 years old. Rest in peace.

March 21, 2009

Texas’ Metal masters MILITIA will be playing their first headline show in Europe at Die Halle in Frankfurt, Germany on April 26. This is one day after the band’s appearance at the Keep It True XII Festival.

OSM Records has set May 4, 2009 as the release date for "Image Of Disorder", the second full length by São Paulo Thrashers CHAOSFEAR. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Kaleidoscopial Downhill’, ‘Poisenhead’, ‘Bitter Dominance’, ‘Image Of Disorder’, ‘Destined To Your Own Hell’, ‘Vergiften’, ‘Don’t Mask Your Weakness’, ‘Paradox Of Pain’, ‘Inner Revolution’, ‘Truthless B.C.’ and ‘Obliteration (Unlimited)’. For more info on the band check out www.myspace.com/chaosfear

March 19, 2009

The Swedish hellfire horde DEMONICAL have uploaded ‘Baptized In Fire’ – the opening track from the forthcoming "Hellsworn" album – at their official MySpace site www.myspace.com/thedemonicalhorde. Cyclone Empire will release "Hellsworn" both as CD and LP on May 15, 2009.

March 17, 2009

EVOKEN‘s "Shades Of Night Descending" will be reissued this Fall. It will be remastered and include the "Promo ’96" and "Promo ’97" as bonus.

Also HADES‘ (Norway) debut "Again Shall Be" and their follow up "Dawn Of The Dying Sun" will be reissued this year. Details about bonus tracks will follow later.

March 15, 2009

The Swedish hellfire horde DEMONICAL have issued the following statement: "Finally we are done with the recording, mixing and mastering of "Hellsworn". It sure took ages and caused some frustration but I assure you, it was worth it. We are utterly satisfied with the final result, this old school Death Metal slab in nine acts turned out exactly the way we wanted." "Hellsworn" – which was recorded and mixed at Necromorbus Studios (Watain, Funeral Mist etc) – features the following tracks: ‘Baptized In Fire’, ‘World Serpent’, ‘Infernal Void’, ‘Bloodridden’, ‘Götter Des Nordens’, ‘Children Of Sin’, ‘Death Metal Darkness’, ‘Bow To The Monolith’ and ‘Hellsworn’. Cyclone Empire have set the release date to May 15, 2009, both as CD and LP. Samples from the album will be posted at the bands MySpace site within the very nearest days. You can already check out the album cover here.

Grotesque Productions from Spain have re-released IMPETUOUS RAGE‘s "Inverted Redemption" album from 2007 as a double CD set along with the band’s two demos "First Manifestation Of Heresy" and "Decayed In The Pecaminous Profoundness". For more info check out www.grotesquemusic.com

March 12, 2009

Oslo City District Court has today delivered a verdict on the main question in the GORGOROTH trademark case, which took place at the end of January 2009. The court has decided that King ov Hell’s trademark registration # 243365 of the band name GORGOROTH is not valid and shall therefore be deleted. The court states that King ov Hell and Gaahl excluded themselves from the band GORGOROTH when they tried to fire Infernus in October 2007. The court further states that Infernus cannot be excluded from GORGOROTH, unless he himself decides to quit. Infernus is very pleased, but not surprised, by this verdict. The remaining issues concerning financial matters and such are yet to be decided upon. www.gorgoroth.info

On Friday the 13th 12:00 Central European Time, Swedish CRYPT OF KERBEROS will unleash brand new material upon the world. One of the tracks for their upcoming 7" EP will premiere on their My Space page. Two new songs have been written by guitarist Peter Bjärgö with lyrics by Bjärgö and drummer Mattias Borgh. The new material which was recorded and produced at Bjärgö’s Erebus Odora Studio, can be described as a return to the groups early sound. "Think of it as a continuation of the 1992 EP. These two new tracks really reek of down tuned guitars and slow crushing riffs combined with lyrics that deal with the world coming undone. The focus has been on dirty old style Death Metal more than on flashy technique" says Bjärgö. The current line-up consists of: Christian Eriksson (vocals), Peter Bjärgö (guitar), Jonas Strandell (guitar), Stefan Källarsson (bass) and Mattias Borgh (drums). www.cryptofkerberos.com

WHOURKR‘s first album "Naät" will be officially re-released through Suprachaotic Records with a new track. The band has also signed a deal with Crucial Blast Records for their second album "Concrete", which will be released in September 2009. You can listen to the new track ‘Kruma’ on their myspace page: www.myspace.com/whourkr

March 10, 2009

"Single Ticket To Paradise" is HEARSE‘s brand new, fifth full length album. The album is produced by Dan Swanö (Opeth, Katatonia, Dissection) and has a bonus DVD "Live In Holland" containing 5 live tracks, edited by Maurice Swinkels (Legion of the Damned), a massive picture chapter and the video for the track ‘Sundown’, edited by Owe Lingval (Noturnal Rites, Wolf, Stratovarius). Release date: May 4, 2009. A brand new song (‘Sundown’) can be found exclusively at the HEARSE myspace site www.myspace.com/hearsesweden

15 years after ABSTRACT ALEGEBRA‘s debut album, the mighty guitar duo Mike Wead (King Diamond / Mercyful Fate / Memento Mori, ex Candlemass) and Simon Johansson (Memory Garden / ex Steel Attack / Fifth Reason) is back. BIBLEBLACK is the 2007 Grammy Nominee Mike Wead’s brainchild. Mike gathered 4 talented and experienced Swedish musicians to create intense, melodic and cathcy modern Metal. Simon Johansson on rhythm guitars, Thobias Lung (The Bereaved) on drums and Natas members Kacpar Rozanski on vocals and Jonas Bulund on bass. The guest vocals by Ronny Hemlin (Steel Attack / Tad Morose), Kristian Andrén (Memento Mori / Fifth Reason) and Matthias Ljung (Hearse) complete the clean vocals section. The album is mixed by Fredrik Groth (The Storyteller), the artwork was made by Hules (Memory Garden / Gravedigger / Annihilator). The album "The Black Swan Epilogue" will be released in 2 different formats: limited edition digipak with additional artwork and the regular jewelcase with a bonus DVD. The album will be released on May 4, 2009. Video and music: www.myspace.com/bibleblackofficial

March 09, 2009

Black Metallers FOSCOR revealed today that "Groans To The Guilty" will be the title of their new album, to be released through Temple of Darkness Records during the summer of 2009, in both a jewel case edition and a limited edition digipak version that will include a bonus track. "Groans To The Guilty", which the band will record at the Room Studios in Spain between March 14 and the April 04, will be FOSCOR’s third album, will once again include some tracks in their native Catalan language. The artwork for the album will be done by CC at Twilight13Media, and photography by Sathorys Elenorth of Silent Places. The track listing for "Groans To The Guilty" reads as follows: ‘Groans To The Guilty’, ‘In Case The Seasons Break’, ‘Melangia’, ‘Raids To Punishment’, ‘La Incertesa Del Plaer’, ‘L’Hivern Per A Les Muses’, ‘Searching A Seal Of Pain (The Beauty)’, ‘La Vetlla’, ‘The Amber Nest’ and ‘Till Water Mirrors Couldn’t See’. Further information about FOSCOR can be found on the band’s MySpace page at www.myspace.com/foscor

Norway’s GALAR will start the recordings of their new album "Til Alle Heimsens Endar" on March 13 at Conclave Media Studio (Helheim, Taake etc.). If everything goes according to schedule it is expected to be done by the end of the month. The album is supposed to be a natural continuation of the band’s debut, "Skogskvad", just more epic and massive. GALAR will be joined by a string quartet for the recordings, consisting of members from the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra among others. Phobos (Aeternus, Malsain) will handle the drum duties. As soon as the recordings have started you’ll find regular updates on the progress on the band’s myspace site (www.myspace.com/galarmetal). No deal has been signed for the release yet, so any interested label out there is advised to get in touch at galarmetal@gmail.com

"Fuck Norway" the new split 7" EP by Canada’s NECROHOLOCAUST and Connecticut’s BAPHOMETS HORNS is ready to go as BAPHOMETS HORNS have just finished the recording of their side this past March 7. Record label’s that are interested in trades and such can contact the bands at: www.myspace.com/4necroholocaust or www.myspace.com/baphometshorns

The "Sangre De La Bestia" (Blood Of The Beast) tour with MORBOSIDAD, THORNSPAWN, MANTICORE and OBEISANCE will be attacking the Mexican cities of Monterrey on March 26, Mexico City on March 27, Queretaro March 28 and Guadalajara on March 29 with special guests UNHOLIER, RAPED GOD 666, HACAVITZ and BLACK TORMENT on selected dates.

March 05, 2009

Hungary’s Black / Death Metallers NEOCHROME have just finished working on their new videoclip entitled ‘The Reckoning’, a song from their second album. You can check it out in HD here or in HQ here. You can also listen to the band’s most recent album on their myspace profile: www.myspace.com/neochrome

March 03, 2009

Dutch label Soulseller Records have some new releases in the pipe. Expect the following CDs in late March 2009: ALVERG (NOR) – "Elde", MAIM (SWE) – "From The Womb To The Tomb" and THORNIUM (SWE) – "Mushroom Clouds And Dusk". Soulseller Records recently released OPHTHALAMIA‘s classic "A Journey In Darkness" on vinyl and there’s more vinyl to come in late March 2009, too, with OPHTHALAMIA’s 2nd release "Via Dolorosa" (gatefold 2LP), the long awaited compilation RESURRECTED IN FESTERING SLIME and the 7"EP "Reborn In Morbidity" from STENCH. More details and updates on www.soulsellerrecords.com.

Pulverised Records are pleased to announce the sigining of Swedish AXIS POWERS. The new album "Marching Towards Destruction" is ready and complete, featuring album artwork by Romanian Metal illustrator Costin Chioreanu at Twilight13Media, who had previously worked with bands such as Grave and Demonical, etc. With the production duties handled by Vesa Kenttakumpu at Studio Evocation (Suicidal Winds, Lake Of Tears, Evocation, etc), "Marching Towards Destruction" will bring us back to the 1990s Tomas Skogsberg / Sunlight Studio sound that began the revolution of the Swedish Death Metal sound. More info at: www.pulverised.net and www.myspace.com/axispowersdeathmetal.