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August 29, 2009

UTUMNO‘s long out of print 1993 "Across The Horizon" 4 track EP will be available on vinyl for the very first time together with the band’s "The Light Of Day" EP on October 11, 2009. It comes on 180 gram heavy vinyl LP, strictly limited to a one-time only pressing of 500 hand-numbered copies – 250 will be black vinyl and 250 will be purple vinyl. Packaged in a 350 gram, reverse board printed jacket featuring a newly supplied art gallery scan of the classic original cover illustration from Kristian Wåhlin. To retain the classic, old school feel of the original 1993 release, the LP layout is fashioned after the original CD with attention to detail, even down to the typeface, as well as exclusive liner notes by Jonas Stålhammar. Included in all 500 copies is a luxurious 24" x 36" (60.96 cm x 91.44 cm) poster of the Kristian Wåhlin cover artwork, a 2-sided insert featuring the Paw Nielsen’s illustration for "The Light Of Day" EP, a 1.5" round full color button, logo sticker and silk-screened logo patch. Last but not least, there will be t-shirts as an add-on option with sizes small, medium, large and x-large available. Heavy gauge, 6.1 oz Gildan 100% cotton, black t-shirt with the "The Light Of Day" EP cover artwork, limited to 100. You will be able to order a shirt directly from the LP order page. More info and pre-orders at: www.darksymphonies.com

ROOT‘s 1992 "The Temple In The Underworld" album will also be available again on vinyl format. This time spread over two 180 gram LPs for the best audio fidelity possible, mastered from the original 1992 recording to maintain the original dynamics. The track ‘My Deep Mystery’, that was omitted from the mega-rare 1992 LP version because of limited space, will be included here again. Strictly limited to a one-time only pressing of 500 hand-numbered copies – 250 of which will be black vinyl and 250 of which will be on gray vinyl, housed in a 350 gram, reverse board printed gatefold jacket featuring the original Jiri Sujan painting supplied by the band, designed after the original release taking elements from the original CD and LP layouts with attention to detail, even down to the typeface, as well as six bonus tracks, handwritten lyrics in both English and Czech and exclusive 2009 liner notes by Jiri "Big Boss" Valter. Included in all 500 copies is a huge, luxurious 24" x 36" (60.96 cm x 91.44 cm) poster of the Jiri Sujan artwork and classic band photos, a 1.5" round full color button, logo sticker and logo patch. Due to the limited quantities being printed, and the high cost for the license, this LP set will be slightly more expensive than normal. As with the UTUMNO release there will also be t-shirts as an add-on option with sizes small, medium, large and x-large available here. Heavy gauge, 6.1 oz Gildan 100% cotton, black t-shirt with red logo and the cult "DEMA" NWN LP box set artwork from Chris Moyen, limited to 100. You will also be able to order a shirt directly from the LP order page. Check out www.darksymphonies.com for more details and pre-orders.

August 25, 2009

MIGHTIEST has just started working on new songs for a brand new album likely to be released sometime in the first half of 2010. The first effort of this work will be the contribution to Cyclone Empire’s "Imperial Anthems" split 7" series, that starts this fall. The song to be used is called ‘Soular Eclipse’, expect to be released around November / December. This is what the band has to say on the current actions: "Well, well, well…after serious personal troubles, ups and downs MIGHTIEST are ready for battle once again….worse than ever! At the moment the struggle to get the new material for an upcoming split 7" and an upcoming new album together, is getting lethal. Musical deathblows like the new tunes ‘Purifire’ and ‘Soular Eclipse’ will leave nothing behind but scorched earth and pale bones. Besides plans for taking over the stages of this world are being plotted. So be on guard for a new millennium of Darkness…" More info you find at www.myspace.com/mightiestmetal

FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING have finally found a new bass player. His name is Christopher Körtgen and this is what the band has to say: "Good news indeed! After getting plenty of offers for the bassist job in FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING, we are sure that we’ve found Mr. Right. Christopher, also bassist in SMILODON and CHAOS HD, will penetrate the five-string low pulse from now on. Engagement, enthusiasm and the certain esprit made the decision very simple. More information about Christopher can be swallowed at www.fragmentsofunbecoming.com. Best wishes, Sascha Ehrich / FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING" The new album of the southern German Melodic Death squad will be released in early October 2009 and it’s called "Everhaunting Past / Chapter IV – A Splendid Retrospection".

Swedish melancholic Metallers IN MOURNING recently entered Black Lounge Studio (Scar Symmetry, Carnal Forge, Steel Attack, etc) with producer Jonas Kjellgren to begin work on the follow-up album to their successful debut release "Shrouded Divine". Drum tracks are already completed and here is what IN MOURNING drummer Crille has to say: "Yesterday I managed to nail all the drums for our upcoming album. I’m very pleased with how they turned out and the following days, Mr. Kjellgren will do the mixing of the drums. We expect to begin the recording of guitars at the end of this week. Check out a video from the recording here!"

August 22, 2009

Several news from the CEREKLOTH camp: due to personal differences Søren Bentsen isn’t their drummer any longer. The new one is called Jarro Raphael (NOCTURNAL GRAVES, ex-DESTROYER 666). As Jarro is living in Australia, CEREKLOTH will for now remain as a studio band only.In the meantime CEREKLOTH is writing songs for their upcoming debut album to be recorded early 2010 if everything goes according to their plans. The drums will be recorded in Australia while the rest will be recorded at Earplug studios in Copenhagen Denmark. Mastering will be handled at Necromorbus Studios by Tore Stjerna. Killer and demented artwork already provided by Jai Raphael (JBPs tattoo artist and Brother of Jarro). The "Pandemonium Prayers" MCD is still not out, but should be any day now, according to the band.

August 21, 2009

The second issue of RAUHNACHT zine has just been released. On 56 copied A4 b/w pages you’ll get interviews with a.o. THRONDT, INARBORAT, DRAUTRAN, DÄMMERFARBEN, MARJA MATTLAR and HEDNINGARNA. More info at www.myspace.com/rauhnacht

August 20, 2009

Pulverised Records have signed Sweden’s THE COLD EXISTENCE. A&R Manager Calvin states: "THE COLD EXISTENCE approached us some time ago and what we heard on their latest album "Sombre Gates" totally caught us off-guard! We have confidence that the third full-length album will slay everything else they have done in the past!" The band commented: "THE COLD EXISTENCE are proud to announce that the band signed a new deal with Singapore-based label Pulverised Records for their upcoming-yet-untitled album. The album will be recorded in Andy LaRocque’s (King Diamond) Sonic Train Studios in late 2009 with producer Peter Laustsen for a release beginning 2010. The material written so far is very fast and brutal and will be the best album by this band so far."

August 16, 2009

STENCH OF DECAY‘s "Where Death And Decay Reign" demo, that got released on tape by Detest Records and that now is sold out will be available again on 12" in September through Detest Records. Detest Records will release the band’s first 7" EP in April – June 2010 as well.

A limited tape version of ASCENDED‘s new "Temple Of Dark Offerings" EP will be released by Detest Records in September. CD and 12" versions shall be available from Enucleation Records.

ABHORROT and PUTRID second demos will both be released on tapes by Detest Records, respectively in October and December.

MIASMAL‘s first 7" EP will be released by Detest Records in early 2010. At this occasion, a limited re-release of the band’s first demo on tape shall be available, the first tape issue and the 12" reissue being both sold out.

KRYPTS has recently joint the Detest Records roster. The band plays a very heavy form of Metal of Death. The band’s first 7" EP shall be released in April – June 2010. More info on Detest Records’ future plans are to be found on www.detestrecords.com

The following sad news was just posted by Blabbermouth.net: Ian Jones, original guitarist for New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) legends BLITZKRIEG, passed away on August 10 after a long illness. Jones was in BLITZKRIEG in 1980-1981 and played rhythm guitar on BLITZKRIEG’s 1981 7" EP "Buried Alive", which was released by Neat Records. He also co-wrote the classic track ‘Blitzkrieg’ (made famous by METALLICA on their "Creeping Death" EP), which was on the B-side. Ian’s funeral will be held in Leicester, England on August 19. For more information, visit www.myspace.com/ianjonesguitar. Rest in peace Ian!

NECROWRETCH‘s first demo "Rising From Purulence" will be re-released as a tape version limited to 200 copies by Skeleton Plague Records. For more info contact necrowretch@gmail.com.

August 15, 2009

MASTER have announced their upcoming tenth full-length album as "The Human Machine". The band has also tapped in Israeli artist Eliran Kantor to work on the visual aspects of "The Human Machine", whom was also recently responsible for TESTAMENT’s "Formation Of Damnation" album cover. MASTER are scheduled to start working on the new album after completing a series of upcoming Mexican and South American tours and the band will be expected to enter the studio in December 2009.

INCANTATION will be headlining Manizales Grita Rock ’09 in Manizales, Columbia on August 16. Guitarist / vocalist John McEntee had this to say about it: "A few days ago I got a call from my long time friend Andres Castro (Hateworks Records). He told me that one of the headliners for the Manizales Grita Rock ’09 canceled. So Andres offered INCANTATION the slot. So now we are headlining the Manizales Grita Rock ’09! Like always it’s a great honor to return to Colombia. Andres was the promoter that brought us to Colombia back in 1996 as the first major international Death Metal band to ever play the country. We look forward to a killer fest and a great time seeing our long time friends and supporters. We want to thank everyone at Hateworks, the Manizales Grita Rock fest and everyone that helped make this happen." For more information on the festival visit www.myspace.com/manizalesgritarock

August 14, 2009

From October 16 to October 18 this year’s NEW JERSEY DEATH FEST will take place in North Arlington and Clifton, New Jersey – featuring more than 30 bands, such as MORTICIAN, GOREAPHOBIA, PHLEGM, INCANTATION, EVOKEN, DISMA, ACHERON and MALIGNANCY. For the complete billing check out our tourdates section or go to www.myspace.com/njdeathfest or www.newjerseydeathfest.com.

Due to the complex production of "Privilegivm", the new SECRETS OF THE MOON album release needs to be postponed for one week. "Privilegivm" will be released in Germany and Austria on September 18, in other European countries in w/c September 21. A release date for North America will be announced soon. Pre-orders are still possible at http://shop.prophecy.cd.

Mexico’s INFERNAL CONJURATION has recorded a 7" EP for Blood Harvest entitled "Avto De Fe". No release date has been confirmed yet.

BASTARD PRIEST are currently mixing the upcoming album which will be released on CD and vinyl, later this year, on Blood Harvest.

Robert of COFFIN TEXTS confirmed that the re-recording of the upcoming album, "Tomb Of Infinite Ritual", will be completed soon. Just some vocal tracks that need to be done and then mixing. Hopefully this long awaited sophomore album will be out by the end of the year.

Blood Harvest will also bring you some new morbid and putrid tunes from Greek Death act, NECROVOROUS. First out is the 7" EP, "Crypt Of Unembalmed Cadavers", before the band enters the studio to record their debute full length.

The vinyl edition of the debut full length, titled "Kratos", by Brazilian Black / Death mongers, CATACUMBA, will be released under the banner of Blood Harvest. Be sure to check out their upcoming split EP with GRAVE DESECRATOR as well.

Blood Harvest will also be releasing the vinyl edition of KRATHERION‘s"Necrouroboros XXXIII" album. Primitive and raw Death / Black from this Chilean horde, incuding members from AMMIT and SENDEROS DEL MAL.

VASAELETH are finalizing the layout for the "Demo MMIX" 7" EP. The EP will go under the title "Adorned & Iridescent". Besides the two songs from the demo, the EP will include an additional track, ‘Unmanifest’. Work has already begun for the upcoming album, to be released on Blood Harvest later on.

Wilmington’s warriors of death, UNHOLY LUST, have finished recording and are now mixing the material for their upcoming full-length debut "Taste The Sin, Through The Fire". CD and vinyl to be released on Blood Harvest later this year.

"Sub Atris Caelis", the new album by INFINITUM OBSCURE has been recorded and is being mixed right now by none other than veteran producer/engineer Bill Metoyer. Mastering will be done in Sweden with Tore Stjerna at the infamous Necromorbus Studios. The release is scheduled for October.

Blood Harvest we will be releasing BLOODY SIGN‘s third full-length album, "Chaos Echoes". The CD edition is planned for mid-September, in time for their Euro-tour with Peruvian maniacs, ANAL VOMIT. The vinyl will be released as soon as possible after that.

Next off to the Blood Harvest pressing plant will be the DENIAL "Catacombs Of The Grotesque" LP and GODDEFIED "Remnants Of The Art" EP.

August 13, 2009

Legendary New Jersey Thrashers WHIPLASH‘s forthcoming new album "Unborn Again" will be pushed back to a later date due to some unforeseen circumstances in the printing process of the album. A confirmed official street date will be announced in a short while. In other WHIPLASH-related news, the band recently participated in this year’s Wacken Open Air and below is a fan-filmed footage of WHIPLASH performing 2 old tracks ‘Power Thrashing Death’ and ‘Nailed To The Cross’ from the 1985 classic "Power And Pain" album.

August 11, 2009

Cyclone Empire have signed Swedish DEMIURG. The band consista of PAGANIZER-mainman Rogga Johansson (vocals and guitars), Dan Swanö (lead-guitars, keyboards, vocals), Johan Berglund (bass), Pär Johansson (clean vocals) and Ed Warby (drums). The band already made themselves a really good name in the scene with their two already released albums "Breath Of The Demiurg" (2007) and "The Hate Chamber" (2008), both on Mascot Records. The band is currently working on the material for their third, yet untitled album, scheduled to be released in early 2010. Here’s an official statement from the band: "Hey there, this is Rogga of DEMIURG. We in DEMIURG are very excited to be signed to Cyclone Empire, as we think it’s one of the best labels releasing Metal these days. To be a part of their roster is something we surely will enjoy the coming years, and hopefully they’ll enjoy having us as well. After the summer I will begin to work on material for our third album, but already there are both smaller and bigger fragments written. From the sound of it this far the third albums will be the most diverse so far and really bring out the best performances of everyone in the band. As usual Dan Swanö will take care of the production and mixing of the album and this time we have some really massive names on the list of guests that will appear. More on that will follow as work progresses on the album. Cheers and be sure to check in at the Myspace for updates during the fall and winter of this year." For more info check out www.myspace.com/demiurgofficial.

FUNERUS have announced that work continues on its sophomore effort, the follow-up to "Festering Earth". The new album is projected to be released in 2010 on Ibex Moon Records. Bassist Jill McEntee has this message for anxious fans: "Hello to our friends out there. I know it seems like we’ve fallen off the face of the earth, but we haven’t. We’ve been extremely busy working on this new album. It finally will see the light of day in early 2010. Sam (Inzerra), John (McEntee) and I have kept this album in the same vein that FUNERUS has always been! Also in 2010 we will be doing a US tour in the earlier part of the year. Dates and other bands will be added later. Finally, we have made new shirts with a new design from the "Festering Earth" album. They are "In The Trees" shirts and the design is killer! Check the merchandise section at www.ibexmoonrecords.com for a picture of it."

August 10, 2009

Metal extremists HOD will perform at upcoming shows with ABSU (Sept. 5 in Fort Worth) and Destroyer 666 (Sept. 27 in Houston). Carl "Lord Necron" Snyder comments: "HOD will be part of two killer shows in Texas in the month of September. We will be playing with the mighty ABSU on September 5 in Fort Worth, Texas, and on September 27 the wolves return to Houston, Texas with Destroyer 666! These shows promise to be ferocious. The Fort Worth show with ABSU will be at the The Ridglea Theatre. Also on the bill will be Doom Metal masters Solitude Aeturnus, Black Metal assassins Averse Sefira, and others. Should be a killer show of Texas Metal! The Destroyer 666 show in Houston will be at the White Swan. Anyone who has seen Destroyer 666 can tell you they put on a monstrous live show. Don’t miss it!"

August 06, 2009

Ex-MORE and original IRON MAIDEN (before Paul Di’ Anno) vocalist Paul Mario Day just formed a new band in tradition of N.W.O.B.H.M. called CRIMSON LAKE. They have already scheduled some gigs in Australia and working on Euro gigs as well. You can check out sound samples at here.

AFFLICTION GATE will enter the studio for the recordings of their debut album "Aeon Of Nox (From Darkness Comes Liberation)" from August 13 – 19, 2009. The band will record all instrumental and vocal parts during this full week, then, additonal days are booked for mix and mastering. The master should be ready in early September and the album will be out in November through Metal Inquisition (www.metal-inquisition.de) which is the brand new division of No Colours Records for their Thrash and Death Metal releases. ACHERON’s Vincent Crowley will contribute guest vocals to the opening track ‘After The Red Moon’. More info at www.myspace.com/afflictiongate

August 01, 2009

Due to unfortunate circumstances, DREAMING DEAD has been forced to drop off the remaining few dates of the Master / Goreaphobia tour. Guitarist / vocalist Elizabeth Elliot had the following to say about the situation: "Our van broke down on our way to Salt Lake City, Utah. Thus we have decided to turn around and head back home cancelling the remaining dates on the Master / Goreaphobia tour. We’re very sorry for those of your looking forward to our performance and hope to see you this coming January-February on tour with Nile / Immolation / Krisiun."