February 04, 2010

16 years after their last release Florida’s Death Metal legend KILLING ADDICTION are about to release a new CD via Xtreem Music. "Fall Of The Archetypes" includes 6 new songs plus 5 bonus tracks from the band’s 1994 split cassette release "Dark Tomorrow". Later on, still undetermined, the band’s 1993 debut album "Omega Factor" will also be re-issued through Xtreem Music, along with their "Necrosphere" 7"EP (from 1991) and "Legacies Of Terror" demo (from 1990) as bonus. The release of "Fall Of The Archetypes" is planned for the first days of March 2010. In the meantime, you can already check out some new sound samples at the band’s official MySpace site www.myspace.com/killingaddiction.

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