February 09, 2010

PAGANIZER have been forced to cancel all planned and upcoming live-activities due to major line-up problems… Rogga Johansson himself explains the situation: "We have been forced to cancel upcoming festivals as well as single gigs, and also a minitour with the French band AFFLICTION GATE wich was planned in May. Reason is that the drummer and bass player decided – previously agreeing to do the gigs – to leave their engagements. Of course they are fired and no longer in the band. Replacements will come at a later time as always with this band, but for now we must cancel all plans made so far for this year. PAGANIZER apologizes to promoters and bands involved, but the remaining members are as surprised and disappointed about this idiot-behavior as anyone else."

The first edition of Cyclone Empire’s brandnew "Imperial Anthems" split 7" vinyl series is about to be released in the beginning of March 2010. Vol.1 will feature DEMONICAL (with the unreleased English version of their "Hellsworn" track ‘Götter des Nordens’, now be called ‘Gods Of The North’) and PAGANIZER (with the especially composed and recorded new track ‘The Cyclone Empire’).

EXUMER will co-headline the Thrash Attack Festival in Sofia Sofia / Bulgaria on April 0 1, 2010 with fellow L.A. Power Thrashers SAVAGE GRACE. It is EXUMER’s first time playing live in Bulgaria and the tour start of the band’s "European Ignition Tour 2010". EXUMER has not appeared live since last year’s "5 Nights Of Fire" mini-tour. This year’s tour has a similarly intense routing and the band will appear for 7 shows in Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and Norway within 10 days. Vocalist Mem V. Stein: "We ended up on yet another whirlwind tour schedule where we play a bunch of countries in a short time. However, we have the opportunity to play in places we have never played before like Italy, Norway and Bulgaria. Last year’s tour was a fantastic experience despite the hectic schedule and the overwhelmingly positive response from the fans proved us right. We are keeping the band intentionally off the road so our fans can treasure the EXUMER live-experience. These European shows and few others in North and South America scheduled for later in the year will be all for 2010, making it special events for everyone involved." You can check out the exact tourdates here.

EVOCATION just posted a brandnew "European Plague" tour-clip. The music is from ‘Razored To The Bone’ off their 2008 album "Dead Calm Chaos". Here’s an official statement from the band: "Hi there folks! Finally we managed to cut together a video of all the footage we managed to take during the amazing European Plague Tour with CANNIBAL CORPSE, DYING FETUS and OBSCURA. If you attended some of the shows and hanged around us there is a good chance you are also caught on tape! Thank you all for coming to the shows around Europe, hope you enjoy the video." You can check out the video here.

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