February 21, 2010

The reprint of the debut issue of DOWNTUNED & MORBID zine is now available from Detest Records (www.detestrecords.com). The zine features interviews with a.o. BOMBS OF HADES, VANHELGD, STENCH OF DECAY, LIE IN RUINS, GRAVELESS, VASAELETH, ASCENDED, GRAVEYARD, INVIDIOUS, etc. plus several reviews. A single copy sells for 4 Euro (+ shipping), if you order more than one copy you’ll get it for 3 Euro (+ shipping).

The 12" version of KRYPTS‘ "Open The Crypt" demo will be available from Detest Records and Me Saco Un Ojo Records within the next 10 days, the second demo tape of Sweden’s PUTRID will be released by Detest Records within a week.

DAWN OF CRUCIFIXION from Belgium will release their first demo tape pretty soon. Expect raw punkish Black Metal, inspired by VENOM, WARFARE, DISCHARGE and GG ALLIN. For more info check out www.myspace.com/dawnofcrucifixion

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