July 13, 2010

India’s online fanzine DIABOLICAL CONQUEST, which covers genres like Death Metal, Grindcore, Black, Doom and Thrash Metal recently started an own label called Diabolical Conquest Records and have just released their first CD which is a re-release of THE DEAD’s 2009 self-released 2nd album "Ritual Executions". According to the label it is "a brilliant mix of twisted, brain-warping Death Metal and miasmic sludgy / Stoner Doom". Diabolical Conquest Records’ version of the sold out "Ritual Executions" album has a modified colour artwork sketched by vocalist Mike Yee and is specially re-mixed and re-mastered by Aphotic Mote of the famed Australian Death Metal band PORTAL. It also has an 8-side booklet with additional artworks. More details here: www.diabolicalconquest.com.

In August 2010 Soulseller Records will release the 2nd demo of French Death Metallers MANIPULATOR on vinyl. The band also appears on the "Invocation Of Death Vol. 1" compilation tape which was released through Death Invocation Records (www.myspace.com/deathinvocation). More detailed information can be found at www.myspace.com/risingfromthegrave.

REINCARNAGE from Sweden will soon release their first demo through Blood Harvest Records / Zombie Ritual Tapes. Next step is the recording of their 2nd demo called "Black Vision" which will take place in about a month. Watch out for further news and check out www.myspace.com/reincarnagesweden for updates.

Swedish CRUCIFYRE (featuring members from MORBID, CREMATORY and AFFLICTED), have announced the title of their debut album as "Infernal Earthly Divine". The visual direction and album artwork was designed by both CRUCIFYRE and graphic artist Stefan Hansson. A two-minute preview sample of the opening track ‘Born Again Satanist’ is now available at the official CRUCIFYRE myspace page www.myspace.com/crucifyre. The album’s tracklist reads like this: ‘Born Again Satanist’, ‘Kiss The Goat’, ‘Hellish Sacrifice’, ‘Majestical / Sadistical’, ‘Witch Hammer’, ‘Thessalonian Death Cult’, ‘A.W.W.S / … Of Hell’, ‘Hail Satan’ and ‘The Fetching’. A further announcement on the official release date will be made soon.

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