July 14, 2010

Ibex Moon Records regretfully announces that the last four dates of the Campaign For Death Metal Purity tour, featuring GRAVEHILL, CARDIAC ARREST and HOD, will not go on as planned. Though HOD dropped off the bill after the July 7th date in Austin, TX, other factors led to Gravehill and Cardiac Arrest canceling the final dates. Cardiac Arrest drummer, Jim "Grindhead" Deabenderfer issued the following statement. "We in Cardiac Arrest and Gravehill are disappointed to be in this position. Canceling shows is not something either of our camps are accustomed to. We are forced to drop these dates for purely logistic reasons, not financial. This should not reflect on any of the promoters for the dates in question – our plans simply had to change with the situation. Both Cardiac Arrest and Gravehill are committed to make up these four dates as soon as possible." The affected dates are as follows: July 15 – Buccaneer’s – Memphis, TN, July 16 – Downtown Music – Little Rock, AR, July 17 – Walters – Houston, TX and July 18 – Ten Eleven – San Antonio, TX. The Campaign For Death Metal Purity Tour will conclude tonight in Indianapolis, IN at The Melody Inn with Cardiac Arrest and Gravehill playing alongside Abyss Records acts MAAX and Christ Beheaded.

Pulverised Records will be releasing INTERMENT‘s much anticipated full-length album "Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy" on August 02 in Europe and August 31 in North American territories. You can watch a 45-second video teaser for "Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy" at this location. Tracklisting: ‘Eternal Darkness’, ‘Torn From The Grave’, ‘Dreaming In Dead’, ‘Stench Of Flesh’, ‘Where Death Will Increase’, ‘Sacrificial Torment’, ‘Night Of The Undead’, ‘Morbid Death’ and ‘The Pestilence’. More INTERMENT at www.myspace.com/intermenthorde

New Jersey’s techno Thrashers HADES have just signed a deal with Cyclone Empire to re-release their first 3 CDs in Europe with multiple bonus tracks. "Resisting Success" (1987), "If At First You Don’t Succeeed" (1988) and "Live On Location" (1991) will be remastered and re-released later this year. Included in the CDs will be written memories from each of the performers – Alan Tecchio, Dan Lorenzo, Tom Coombs, Scott LePage, Ed Fuhrman and Jimmy Schulman. "These CDs have some really cool bonus tracks. Not HADES related bands, but actual HADES recordings most of which had never been released before. This includes some remixes of ‘The Leaders’ and ‘Nightstalker’ from our first album plus a bunch of demos from before we went in to record each CD", guitarist Dan Lorenzo stated. One of the bonus tracks on "Resisting Success" is of the old HADES instrumental ‘Sledgehammer Press’… with a twist. All the guitars were recorded by Scott LePage and his 17 year old son Scottie LePage. HADES will perform this Saturday at the Bang Your Head festival in Balingen, Germany. A video from the HADES reunion show in NJ last April can be seen here. More info at www.myspace.com/hadesusa.

Venezuelan Black Metallers NOCTIS IMPERIUM are set to release their latest offering, "Nihil", through Abyss Records. The EP contains songs from their upcoming full length, "The Age Of The Golden Dawn", plus a handful of unreleased and live tracks recorded over the course of 2009. Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘Ra-Hoor-Khuit’, ‘Descensus Ad Inferos’, ‘Bring Me Sacrifice’, ‘Noctis Imperium’, ‘Maze Of Torment’, ‘Unus In Nihil’, ‘Through Fire And Cosmos’ (live) and ‘Maze Of Torment’ (live). "Nihil" is set for an early August release date and will be available at www.officialabyssrecords.com. The band has made selected tracks available for streaming at www.myspace.com/noctisimperium.

On July 27 Rotting Corpse Records will release "Orchestrated Kill Maneuver", the new full length by Indiana’s Thrash / Death Metallers INVASION. For more check out www.myspace.com/saturationbombing

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