July 22, 2010

Slovenian Black Metallers BLEEDING FIST have posted online the new video for ‘Invocation Into Devil’s Flesh’ off their recent release "Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus". You can check it out here. For more info on the band go to www.bleeding-fist.com or www.myspace.com/bleedingfist.

Victor MacNamara, guitarist of Chile’s THORNAFIRE, has issued the following statement: "Today is Wednesday, July 21st and we’re going to Krakow. We just finished two festivals and a show in Slovakia. The response to our performances has been fabulous and we also learned a lot from the scene in Europe in this our first tour. Here, the shows and the fans are very similar to what I have seen in Chile and other parts of South America. At festivals and shows in clubs the fans all want to have a good time and listen to music and here you are with tons of musicians, public and press, suggesting that this kind of music never ends. Very cool if you chose this lifestyle ; -) Soon, we’ll gather with friends and see the remaining dates. With our music we hope to leave a nasty groove on this continent and in the future anywhere." Keep an eye on www.myspace.com/thornafire for details on remaining dates.

Baltimore, Maryland’s EXTERMINATION ANGEL are hard at work on their forthcoming second demo recording. The trio will offer 6 new tracks of Lashing Raw War Death Metal for diehards of SLAYER, DEATH STRIKE, SLAUGHTER, REPULSION, SARCOFAGO, DEVASTATION, NECROVORE, AMON, BOLT THROWER, ASPHYX and UNLEASHED. It comes after their sold-out debut demo cassette, which is still available from Hell’s Headbangers Records. Look for this upcoming release and a re-press of the debut directly from the band, available autumn 2010. Contact: www.myspace.com/exterminationangel, aisbooking@yahoo.com

Australian ABYSMAL SOUNDS is a new label focusing on releasing stuff from Australian bands only (new and old). Recent updates are the 2 demos from SLUGGARD and GRAVE UPHEAVAL which are available through the homepage. Up to now the label released recordings from ARMOURED ANGEL, ANATOMY, INNSMOUTH, GRAVE UPHEAVAL, MURKRAT, DEMONS GATE, JOHNNY TOUCH, DOOMED BEAST and SLUGGARD. More bands and demos are on the roster also, such as a 4 way split LP between GRAVE UPHEAVAL, AETHYRVOROUS, PROFANER and IMPETUOUS RITUAL and a demo by Melbourne Industrial act SENTENCED FOR LIFE. Check out www.abysmalsounds.com/wp/

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