July 23, 2010

Swedish old school Death Metallers EVOCATION will release their third album "Apocalyptic" in late October / early November. The band finished the recordings some weeks ago and here’s some quotes from guitar player Marko about the recordings shortly before Thomas did his vocal-job: "Everything was progressing just as we planned! For the drums we had some amazing help this time – Roberto Laghi (Producer for IN FLAMES etc.). And the result – well to be honest I haven’t ever heard such an amazing drum sound… Prepare to be blown away… Same goes for the guitars and the bass as well – the sound has progressed and is more evil than ever! Next up to get to work is Thomas (vocals). After having heard his ideas for the vocal patterns together with the songs we all feel very confident that this album will become by far our strongest achievement up to date. It might sound like a cliché but trust me and wait until the album is released…" At the moment the band is busy mixing and mastering the material. German fans of the band will have the chance to hear some of the new songs already on September 03, 2010 when EVOCATION will play a special gig together with their labelmates FACEBREAKER at the Bambi Galore club in Hamburg, Germany. www.myspace.com/evocationswe

Swedish PUTERAEON will enter Studio Decay with D.K. (TAETRE) behind the knobbs on July 26. This will be the start of the recording of their upcoming Cyclone Empire release "The Esoteric Order". Jonas Lindblood has some more news for: "Just a short update. The coverartwork is finished. We are just about getting ready to start recording the album as well. We will start recording drums in Studio Decay (with my friend D.K. from my other band TAETRE). Guitars, bass and vocals will be recorded in my home, and we’re planning on mixing and mastering the album at my friend Andy LaRoques (KING DIAMOND) studio Sonic Train. Date is not scheduled for SonicTrain yet. But I’ll get back to that." The band rehearsed the following songs for the album: ‘Storms Over Devil’s Reef’, ‘Coma’, ‘Whispers Of The Dead’, ‘Into The Deep’, ‘Re-Animation’, ‘Graverobber’, ‘The Plague’, ‘Castle Of Despair’, ‘The Extraordinary Work Of Herbert West’, ‘Experience Zombiefication’, ‘Dead Once More’, ‘The Innsmouth Insanity’ and ‘The End Of All’. www.myspace.com/puteraeon666

After finishing their pre-production work in June, French masters of extremes SIDEBLAST are currently recording their second album "Cocoon". The band is recording 11 songs and all will be mixed and mastered at the Hertz Studio in Poland (BEHEMOTH, VADER, DECAPITATED…) in early September. A release date has yet to be confirmed but you can expect it to be unleashed around October. www.myspace.com/sideblast

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