June 02, 2010

AUTOPSY will release a brandnew EP, entitled "The Tomb Within", with artwork from renowned horror / fantasy artist Matt Cavotta, via Peaceville Records in August 2010. Furthermore, a new studio album (the band’s fifth) will be released early 2011, to be called "Macabre Eternal". It can also be announced that AUTOPSY will be infesting European shores in August with 2 very special and exclusive headlining shows, at Party.San Open Air festival and Norway’s Hole in the Sky festival. Band statement: "As many of you know, for years it has been repeatedly stated that AUTOPSY was over with and done for good. While that was indeed true for a long span of time, it is no longer the case. AUTOPSY has come to the solid realization that the time is now right to resume their mission of gore soaked Death Metal brutality and to fulfill this mission with maximum intensity. Make no mistake about it, AUTOPSY is not about reliving the past, basking in nostalgia or riding on efforts from years long gone. The band is hungry to devour fresh minds and souls and has been amassing an arsenal of new and deathly material to unleash upon those who also hunger for such brutality. The surgical instruments are being sharpened and a pure Death Metal assault of the most horrific order is underway as you read these very words. On behalf of the band, thanks goes out to all who relented and simply would not allow this beast to remain in the grave. Your persistence will be met with unspeakable and unapologetic sonic atrocities. Let the blood flow…." The band also offered the following update regarding the long-running act ABSCESS, featuring AUTOPSY members, having recently released their latest album "Dawn Of Inhumanity": "Greetings, sickos. We need to inform you that ABSCESS has officially broken up. The reason for this is that Clint Bower has left the band for personal reasons and out of respect to him and to all who have supported us for these 16 years, we have decided to call it a day. Without Clint Bower, there can be no ABSCESS so we won’t even try to cheat anyone with something that is not the real thing. "Dawn Of Inhumanity" has become our final statement and we feel that it is the perfect way to close the ABSCESS chapter since we must do so. Thanks to all of you who were and still are proud to call yourselves ABSCESS Freaks! With the line-up of Eric Cutler and Danny Coralles on guitars, Chris Reifert on drums / vocals and Joe Trevisano (formerly Allen) on bass, AUTOPSY is now the full time focus. Longtime friend and bass destroyer Dan Lilker has performed with AUTOPSY at Maryland Death Fest VIII and will also do so at the upcoming Party San and Hole in the Sky festivals in August of this year before Joe Trevisano takes over full time on bass. A new AUTOPSY EP and full length album are in the works and will be released on Peaceville Records, along with an upcoming documentary DVD. Again, thanks to all. All we can do is offer more brutality…" Keep track of band activities at the official source for all things AUTOPSY at www.peaceville.com/autopsy

Norway’s Symphonic Black Metallers LIMBONIC ART have returned to the scene as a one piece, with the only original member Daemon as the one and only songwriter and craftsman behind the entity. A new album entitled "Phantasmagoria" has just been released through www.candlelightrecords.co.uk

Dutch Blackened Thrash / Death Metal band ONHEIL have published their new music video of ‘Nemesis’ Light Fading’, a song from their latest album "Razor". Footage for the storyline has been taken from an upcoming independent movie, shot and directed by bandmember Amok. The rest of video shows the band playing in a one hundred years old electrical facility. The video and mp3 can be found here or here. More info about ONHEIL you will find at www.onheil.com

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