June 07, 2010

Dark Descent Records and Skeleton Plague Records will release the debut full-length album by American Death Metal band BEYOND HELL titled "The Sleeper Awakens". BEYOND HELL features Elektrokutioner (DECREPITAPH) on drums. "The Sleeper Awakens" was mixed / mastered by Patrick of CRYPTICUS and features guest appearances by Sly of FONDLECORPSE and Patrick. The CD will be available by the end of June. Three tapes are currently at press for Dark Descent Records / Skeleton Plague Records. HORRENDOUS‘ demo "Sweet Blasphemies", DECAPITATION‘s (SWE) demo "Undead Carnage" and THE WAKEDEAD GATHERING‘s full-length, previously limited to only 100 copies on CD, will also be released on cassette. All three are limited to 200 copies. Finally, Dark Descent Records announced two new CD releases for 2011. Finland’s STENCH OF DECAY and Sweden’s MIASMAL will release their long-awaited full-length CDs on Dark Descent Records. For more information, go to www.darkdescent.net

EXUMER are confirmed to appear at the Way Of Darkness festival in Lichtenfels / Germany, October 01 and 02, 2010. EXUMER will perform on the second day of the festival alongside Death and Thrash metal acts like POSSESSED, UNLEASHED, NAPALM DEATH, PESTILENCE, AT WAR and others. In other news, EXUMER announces the departure of guitarist and 2nd vocalist Paul Arakaki, as well as session drummer J.P. Rapp. Guitarist H.K. and drummer Matthias Kassner, who were both recruited for EXUMER’s last European tour, have replaced Arakaki and Rapp as permanent additions to the band’s roster. Vocalist Mem V. Stein comments: "It has been an amazing 2 years for us since our re-formation in 2008. We have been able to play all the festivals and shows we wanted to in the past 2 years, even without label or industry backing. We are now looking forward to return to Europe in the fall and are excited to appear at this year’s W.O.D. festival. Unfortunately, Paul cannot be a part of this band’s journey anymore, since he has decided that the travel / touring requirements from his native Hawaii are too rigorous for him. We accept his decision and support him with all his future plans. However, we are pleased to welcome guitarist H.K. and drummer Matthias Kassner to the fold. Both of them helped us out tremendously during our last European tour earlier this spring. H.K. and Matthias are more than capable musicians in their own right and will surely contribute to the band’s future endeavors, especially with recording the new EXUMER album that is scheduled to be released early 2011". For a new picture tour diary from the "European Ignition Tour 2010", additional live dates and information visit www.myspace.com/exumerwakingthefire

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