June 11, 2010

DESTRUCTION have announced their return to Nuclear Blast Records. Comments mainman Schmier: "Sometimes I really hate the business side of my job, we have been thru some very difficult decisions in the last couple of months. Now after some weeks of hard work, I can proudly announce that DESTRUCTION is back with Nuclear Blast Records! We really wanna thank AFM Records for the great co-operation in the last years! Cheers for supporting all our craziness, I know it wasn’t always easy folks!! Going back to NB feels like coming back home now, working with old friends is one of the biggest achievements you can have in this music business known as a "shark tank"! Almost eleven years ago, Markus Staiger and his label made it possible for DESTRUCTION to come back in a strong way, those were some of the best years the band ever had! Hopefully this will be the last label change of the band’s career, we have returned to our home port again and it feels absolutely fantastic! We are working on a fast and furious new album that will kick ass in January 2011. Expect the roughest piece of Thrash you’ve heard from DESTRUCTION in many years!"

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