March 04, 2010

RETROSPECTIVA AL METAL CHILENO (1983-1993) is a recently released book about the Chilean Metal scene of the decade 1983 up to 1993, as you might guess out of the title. 216 pages in 30 x 24cm deluxe format and written in Spanish language this book is meant for all those who are interested in a rather unknown Metal scene and especially in a collection of Thrash Metal bands from Chile around this era. The limited deluxe edition includes a 12" compilation LP (gatefold format) with a selection of old school Chilean bands such as VASTATOR, TORTURER, DORSO, NECROSIS, NIMROD, D.T.H., IN AGGRESSION, DARKNESS, CANCERBERO, BETRAYED, BELIAL, SQUAD, RUST and MASSACRE (all tracks featured here have never been on this format before). The book sells for 46 USD + shipping. If an English edition will be available later is not clear for the moment, therefore this goes out to those who are able to understand Spanish to dare a look at and read more information about this book and about the other releases of this small old school underground label and distro.

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