March 21, 2010

Brazil’s REVIOLENCE have just released their new CD "Modern Beast" through Marquee Records. The album mixes Heavy and Thrash Metal influences, features new singer Rod Starscream and was produced by Mauro Juliany from Soundup Studios (SP/Brazil). It will be distributed in Germany, USA, Japan, Canada and Mexico. Sound samples and more info on the band you will find at

Putrescense Records from Gainesville, FL (USA) return with their 2nd release, a re-release of the 1990 demotape from Peruvian Death Metal act CONTUMACY called "Fall Of The Structure" as a vinyl 7” EP. According to the label CONTUMACY play very dark and heavy Death Metal with some Finnish influences and the South American vibe. CONTUMACY was one of the very first Death Metal bands from their continent without any Thrash Metal influences, just pure ugly heavy and dark Death Metal. Anybody interested in this release should contact Putrescense Records through their official myspace site

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