March 26, 2010

Guitarist / vocalist Neil Burkdoll has reported that the new FATALIST line-up is ready to be revealed. Here is the official announcement: "The new line-up of FATALIST for 2010 is secure for now. Joining Neil and Art in the band is Sean Jessel (Mentacide) on drums, Matt Drexler on lead guitars, and Mike Deity (Carnal Deity) on main vocals. This is the line-up that recorded the DEATH song ‘Beyond The Unholy Grave’ for the upcoming movie soundtrack "After Party Massacre". Our version of the song is a bit different than the original, but we kept the original feel intact. You can check out an MP3 of the song at We also wanted to take the time to thank Marc from the band LIFELESS for doing some vocals on the song as well. We are planning a few different small tours for 2010 and we will post more news when we get anything confirmed. We are working on new material at the moment for the next release that will hopefully come out in early 2011."

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