November 09, 2010

HATE ETERNAL is working on their fifth studio album (second for Metal Blade Records) and follow up to "Fury & Flames" once again at Erik Rutan’s own Mana Recording Studios. JJ Hrubovcak has been added as the band’s bassist and Erik Rutan on guitar and Jade Simonetto on drums are at work once again. Frontman Erik Rutan offers the following update: "The band has been locked up in Mana Recording Studios doing pre-production for the past 2 months, finishing up songs that we have been writing over the last year in between tours and albums that I’ve produced, and we feel we have come up with one of HATE ETERNAL’s heaviest, most twisted, evil, melodic, and insane albums yet. It was my goal to expand upon what the band has done in the past, and add new dynamics and twists to the traditional, dissonant HATE ETERNAL style, yet keep it in the same vein. It took the three of us really pushing ourselves, and digging deep into the essence of who we are as musicians and writers and players to create something very unique and special. We cannot wait for everyone to hear what we have in store. Look out for updates from the studio over the next few months."

In the countdown to the third edition of the ZOOMBIE RITUAL FESTIVAL (which will take place from November 19 – 21 in Rio Negrinho, Santa Catarina in Southern Brazil) two of the bands, CHAKAL ( and HEADHUNTER D.C. (, have just issued official statements. Korg & CHAKAL: "We from CHAKAL are very excited to play at this year’s Zoombie Ritual! We are preparing a killer set list blending old songs with some others from our latest album "Demon King". We will also have the opportunity to show our friends of the South two brand new songs: ‘Possessed Landscape (The Island Of The Dead)’ and ‘Anubis, The Lord Of Necropolis’, which will be part of our new album to be released in 2011. We will be returning from a concert in Cochabamba, Bolivia, so we’ll be as sharp as ever. Stay Metal and see you at Zoombie Ritual!" Sérgio "Baloff" Borges of HEADHUNTER D.C. had this to say about the upcoming event: "The expectation towards this year’s Zoombie Ritual Festival is the greatest possible, mainly for the fact that in 23 years on the road this is the very first time we’ll spread brutality on stage in Santa Catarina, where we’ve always had great contacts since our inception, not to mention that we have had only ultra positive references about the festival, which will surely soon be turning into one of the biggest Extreme Metal events in Brazil and South America – if not already is -, then we cannot wait to finally take the Death Cult to stages in SC. The show we are going to do at the festival is still focused on the tour of our latest album "God’s Spreading Cancer…" (recently reissued by Ibex Moon Records in North America), tour that had already covered most of Brazil and some South American countries like Chile, Peru and Bolivia, however, as always, we will do an overview of all our albums and a special tribute to an important name in the Death Metal history which will surely please all true present Death Metal maniacs. In short, I summon all maniacs from Santa Catarina and all over the country to join us in this great celebration in the name of Metal that will surely go down in history of extreme and unholy music in Brazil. I count on you all! Up the hunters! Death Metal rules supreme!!!" Check out detailed information about the event at

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