November 11, 2010

The Peruvian version of HEADHUNTER D.C.‘s "God’s Spreading Cancer…" was released on November 02, the Day of the Dead and Cult of Death in Peru. The first 250 copies come with an extra slipcase cover and a free patch. This Peruvian issue also comes with the same bonus tracks as the Ibex Moon edition, ie: the NECROVORE cover ‘Slaughtered Remains’ and 3 live songs, recorded in December 2008. A new "God’s Spreading Cancer…" shirt made by the label will be available soon as well. More info at

According to Heavier Records’ boss Javier Marzuka the long delayed MORTEM Tribute CD is in the pressing plant now. Here’s the definitive line-up (in order of appearance on the CD): HEADHUNTER D.C. (Brazil) – ‘Summoned To Hell’, MANTAK (Malaysia) – ‘Demons Haunt Loudun’, KRATORNAS (Philippines) – ‘The Devil Speaks In Tongues’, EVILDAMN (Peru) – ‘Demonolatry’, STILLBORN (Poland) – ‘A Demon Tale (The Prologue)’, BLOODY SIGN (France) – ‘Death Rules Supreme’, DAEMONIC (U.S.A.) – ‘Shadows That Pray To Asurah’, PSICORRAGIA (Peru) – ‘Unguy Maman (Mother Of Disease)’, GYIBAAW (Canada) – ‘Mutilation Rites’, ROT (Poland) – ‘Devilled’ and KARNARIUM (Sweden) – ‘Fiat Obscuritas’. For more info check out

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