November 22, 2010

"Subconscious Lobotomy", the debut album from CENTINEX, has been re-released through Memento Mori. Here’s the statement: "Official CD re-release of the long out-of-print and very sought-after debut album by the legendary Swedish band, originally released in 1992. The release features a new layout designed by Eduardo M and a retro-interview with Mr Martin Schulman himself conducted by Eduardo de Leon Alejo (Supposed To Rot Magazine). The release includes the "Under The Blackened Sky" (1993) and "Transcend The Dark Chaos" (1994) demo tapes as bonus for a total running time of over 60 minutes of sheer and unadulterated Swedeath." The complete tracklisting reads like this: ‘Blood On My Skin’, ‘Shadows Are Astray’, ‘Dreams Of Death’, ‘Orgy In Flesh’, ‘End Of Life’, ‘Bells Of Misery’, ‘Inhuman Dissections Of Souls’, ‘The Aspiration’ and ‘Until Death Tear Us Apart’. Bonus tracks from the "Under The Blackened Sky" demo tape (1993): ‘Cranial Dismemberment’, ‘Only Slices Remains’ and ‘Torn Within’. Bonus tracks from the "Transcend the Dark Chaos" demo tape (1994): ‘Transcend The Dark Chaos’, ‘Thorns Of Desolation’, ‘Eternal Lies’ and ‘At The Everlasting End’. You can check out the new album cover here. The CD is available directly from, but it will also be sold on the upcoming "Black Steel Worship Tour" with URN, INTERMENT and DIABOLICAL.

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