September 09, 2010

Swedish Death Metallers PUTERAEON have parted ways with guitarist Hasse Sörensson (earlier Gustavsson) due to distance and lack of time. The band’s new guitarist Rune Foss was in the Swedish old school band EXEMPT and has since then played with AGGRO and RECLUSION. PUTERAEON will enter Studio Decay with producer D.K. (TAETRE) on July 26 to start the recordings for their upcoming Cyclone Empire release "The Esoteric Order". Jonas Lindblood had this to say about it: "The coverartwork is finished. We are just about getting ready to start recording the album as well. We will start recording drums in Studio Decay (with my friend D.K. from my other band TAETRE). Guitars, bass and vocals will be recorded in my home, and we’re planning on mixing and mastering the album at my friend Andy LaRoque’s (KING DIAMOND) studio Sonic Train. Date is not scheduled for SonicTrain yet. But I’ll get back to that." The band rehearsed the following songs for the album: ‘Storms Over Devil’s Reef’, ‘Coma’, ‘Whispers Of The Dead’, ‘Into The Deep’, ‘Re-Animation’, ‘Graverobber’, ‘The Plague’, ‘Castle Of Despair’, ‘The Extraordinary Work Of Herbert West’, ‘Experience Zombiefication’, ‘Dead Once More’, ‘The Innsmouth Insanity’ and ‘The End Of All’. More info at

CONTROL DENIED‘s first album "The Fragile Art Of Existence" will get the deluxe re-issue treatment through Relapse Records this fall. It has been re-mastered, re-packaged and features liner notes from CONTROL DENIED drummer Richard Christy, never-before-seen photographs, as well as over an hour of previously unreleased demo and rehearsal tracks. Two versions of the re-issue will be available starting October 26th. The worldwide version is a two-CD set including the original album plus a bonus CD of early demo material. The second version will be limited to 1,000 copies and is a three-disc set including an extra bonus disc of demo tracks, many of which have CONTROL DENIED guitarist Chuck Schuldiner on vocals. The three-disc set will be available at exclusively. Pre-order options and additional release information can be found here. A range of officially-licensed CONTROL DENIED, DEATH and MANTAS merchandise has also been issued here. Many classic album art designs will follow in the coming months, making some highly sought-after designs available officially for the first time in years. Stay tuned to, the official DEATH / CONTROL DENIED / Chuck Schuldiner website, and for more information.

TORNADO MAGAZINE # 6 has finally been released yesterday. On 44 well photocopied A5 sized pages it features interviews with NOCTURNAL GRAVES, GRAVE MIASMA, HOODED MENACE, MORBOSIDAD, PORTAL, UPWARDS OF ENDTIME, NECROS CHRISTOS, SHACKLES, NECROVATION, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and ANAEL plus a 3 page article about Doom Metal and lots of horror movie and music reviews. Available for 7,- € (Europe) or 7,50 € (elsewhere) from: Tornado Magazine c/o Ustumallagam, Vestergade 2, Guderup, DK-6430 Nordborg, Denmark. Paypal (and contact) is:

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