September 13, 2010

Swedish Death Metallers TORTURE DIVISION will release "Evighetens Dårar" through Abyss Records on September 30, 2010. The band consists of Lord K. Philipson (THE PROJECT HATE, GOD AMONG INSECTS, ex-LEUKEMIA) on guitar, Jörgen Sandström (VICIOUS ART, THE PROJECT HATE, ex-ENTOMBED, GRAVE) on bass / vocals and Tobias "Tobben" Gustafsson (VOMITORY) on drums. The digi CD compiles material from the trio’s "Evighetens Dårar I" (2009), "Evighetens Dårar II" (2010), and "Evighetens Dårar III" (2010) demos and was mixed / mastered by Dan Swano at Unisound Studios. "Evighetens Dårar" is the second compilation of demos from the band to see release through Abyss Records in the States. The label released "With Endless Wrath We Bring Upon Thee Our Infernal Torture" in 2009, which compiled TORTURE DIVISION’s first three demos, also known as Trilogy. Abyss Records is also the proud carrier of official TORTURE DIVISION merchandise. Visit for details. Track listing: ‘Traumatic Inhuman Severance’, ‘Heretics! Now!’, ‘Eld Och Plågor’, ‘Total Death Punishment’, ‘Overtorture (Bound to Be Dead)’, ‘Righteous Fore Ensemble’, ‘The Axe Murderer’, ‘Under Fire Command’, ‘Ravishing Rampage Sluts’ and ‘Evighetens Dårar’. For all further info check out

Due to a much longer absence from recording than expected the new NECROS CHRISTOS album "Doom Of The Occult" shall not be released in 2010 anymore. A new and definite release date will be announced as soon as the album recordings shall be finished in November…"We were sadly forced to leave our old studio / rehearsal place and had to tear it down until the blank walls were shining mercilessly where our old studio had been. After that, we had to find a new, suitable place (which approximately took another month) until we began to re-build the room / studio, which in the end got finished just two weeks ago. Overall, the situation hold us back from going on with the recordings for nearly three months, but we’re now getting back to business and are claiming for a February / March 2011 release. Thanks to everyone who had asked for the album recently, it won’t last that much longer hopefully…"

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