September 17, 2010

On November 22, 2010 Vic Records will release "Reinventing The Past", the debut album from ODYSSEY. On this album Dan Swanö makes an old dream of him come true, covering his all times favourite songs: Rainbow (‘Eyes Of The World’), Sandra (‘In The Heat Of The Night’), Depeche Mode (‘Shake The Disease’), Uriah Heep (‘Gypsy’), Candlemass (‘At The Gallows End’), M.S.G. (‘Lost Horizons’) and U.F.O. (‘Cherry’). All instruments are performed by Dan Swanö and of course he did the entire production at Unisound Studio, Örebro, Sweden. The album will be released with the Odyssey mini CD from 1999. More info at

BLOODGUT is another dirty doomy Death / Grind project of Roger ‘Rogga’ Johansson (Demiurg, Paganizer, Ribspreader, Edge of Sanity). The debut album "Nekrologikum Evangelikum Pt.1: Zombie Reign 2666" (to be released on Vic Records on November 22, 2010) is under-produced on purpose and musically in the vein of (old) Carcass, Autopsy / Abscess, Impetigo, Necrony and Rottrevore. It was recorded at Rotpit Studios (Bone Gnawer, Demiurg), mixed by Rogga and mastered by Dan Swanö. All further info at

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