September 20, 2010

"… Of Death", the demo tape by Swiss Death merchants FUNERALOPOLIS, is at press now and will be released through Dark Descent Records. It features five songs and over 24 minutes of doomy Death Metal. More info at

UNCONSECRATED‘s " Slave To The Grave" 7" EP is also at the pressing plant at the moment and should be out through Dark Descent Records soon as well (also as a limited color version).

ADVERSARIAL‘s "Thralls" demo will be released through Dark Descent Records on vinyl with the original demo songs and two unreleased songs plus two covers of ARCHGOAT and INCANTATION. More at

GRAVE RITUAL‘s "Euphoric Hymns From The Altar Of Death" will also be released on vinyl through Dark Descent Records. It is still in its final mixing / mastering stages at the moment.

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