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March 31, 2010

New Jerseys brutal Death Metallers DISMA will release their upcoming 7" EP "The Manifestation" on Necroharmonic Records within the next month or so. The EP will contain the 2 new songs ‘Manifestation’ and ‘Purulent Quest’. The band plans to go back in the studio this year to record 3 new songs and promises to be even darker, morbid and heavier than anything they have done before. DISMA features Bill Venner (ex – Incantation 1990, Body of Christ) and Daryl Kahan (Funebrarum, Assuck) on guitars, Craig Pillard (ex – Incantation, DiSciples of Mockery, Womb, Methadrone) on vocals, Randi Stokes (Methadrone) on bass and Shawn Eldridge (Funebrarum) on drums. DISMA’s first demo "The Vault Of Membros" is still available from the band directly. Two- sided t-shirts and sweatshirts are available now from www.necroharmonic.com. For more info you can reach the band through www.myspace.com/dismadeathmetal or via email: dismadeath@gmail.com.

"Pestrapture", the debut album of Russian Black Metallers INHEIN, was released on March 08 via Spanish Antichristian Front Records. It was mastered at Swedish Cutting Room studio (HYPOCRISY, BEHEMOTH, OPETH, KATATONIA etc.). You can check out the cover artwork here. For more info or sound samples go to www.myspace.com/inhein

March 26, 2010

Guitarist / vocalist Neil Burkdoll has reported that the new FATALIST line-up is ready to be revealed. Here is the official announcement: "The new line-up of FATALIST for 2010 is secure for now. Joining Neil and Art in the band is Sean Jessel (Mentacide) on drums, Matt Drexler on lead guitars, and Mike Deity (Carnal Deity) on main vocals. This is the line-up that recorded the DEATH song ‘Beyond The Unholy Grave’ for the upcoming movie soundtrack "After Party Massacre". Our version of the song is a bit different than the original, but we kept the original feel intact. You can check out an MP3 of the song at www.myspace.com/fatalist666. We also wanted to take the time to thank Marc from the band LIFELESS for doing some vocals on the song as well. We are planning a few different small tours for 2010 and we will post more news when we get anything confirmed. We are working on new material at the moment for the next release that will hopefully come out in early 2011."

March 25, 2010

Swedish Death Metallers PUTERAEON have been signed by Cyclone Empire Records. The band was formed in 2008 and already caused quite a stir with their 3 demos "Fascination For Mutilation", "The Requiem" and "The Extraordinary Work Of Herbert West". Here’s a statement from mainman Jonas Lindblood (vocals / guitar): "PUTERAEON are proud to announce, that we have signed a deal with Cyclone Empire. We are very happy with this and we will enter the studio this coming summer to record an extremely rotten, back to the bone Swedish Death Metal album debut. Together we will show people the true meaning of Death!" The band already unleashed the list of all planned songs for their debut-album, which will likely be called "The Esoteric Order": ‘The Plague’, ‘Castle Of Despair’, ‘Whispers Of The dead’, ‘Into The Deep’, ‘Re-animation’, ‘Graverobber’, ‘The Extraordinary Work Of Herbert West’, ‘Experience Zombiefication’, ‘Dead Once More’, ‘The Innsmouth Insanity’ and ‘The End Of All’ (perhaps 1 or 2 more). More info at www.myspace.com/puteraeon666

March 22, 2010

Slovenian chaos Black Metallers BLEEDING FIST have finished recording the music video for ‘Invocation Into Devil’s Flesh’, the lead-off track to the upcoming "Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus" MCD, to be released in April on Moribund Records. This MCD will also include the ‘Invocation Into Devil’s Flesh’ music video, which was entirely filmed in February in the infamous ghost town of Zanigrad, Slovenia, a place infamous for brutal witch pyres. The video was produced by Aftermedia and created by Martin Debernardi Slavic and Oton Bacar. More info at: www.bleeding-fist.com, www.myspace.com/bleedingfist or www.moribundcult.com

March 21, 2010

Brazil’s REVIOLENCE have just released their new CD "Modern Beast" through Marquee Records. The album mixes Heavy and Thrash Metal influences, features new singer Rod Starscream and was produced by Mauro Juliany from Soundup Studios (SP/Brazil). It will be distributed in Germany, USA, Japan, Canada and Mexico. Sound samples and more info on the band you will find at www.myspace.com/reviolence

Putrescense Records from Gainesville, FL (USA) return with their 2nd release, a re-release of the 1990 demotape from Peruvian Death Metal act CONTUMACY called "Fall Of The Structure" as a vinyl 7” EP. According to the label CONTUMACY play very dark and heavy Death Metal with some Finnish influences and the South American vibe. CONTUMACY was one of the very first Death Metal bands from their continent without any Thrash Metal influences, just pure ugly heavy and dark Death Metal. Anybody interested in this release should contact Putrescense Records through their official myspace site www.myspace.com/putrescenserecords.

March 19, 2010

The following news have been posted on MORBID ANGEL‘s official website www.morbidangel.com: "World Management and MORBID ANGEL would like to let the fans know that rumors about Pedro Sandoval’s back surgery are in fact true. Pete has suffered for a long time with a deteriorating disc problem. He was in daily pain and needed to have this done. He has recently been treated by a Laser Back Surgery specialist in Tampa Florida. He is currently in rehabilitation and doing well. Pete is part of our family and the band’s history and we all wish him well and a full recovery. Unfortunately this type of injury, subsequent surgery and rehab cannot be rushed and it will take ample time for him to hopefully be back behind his drums again and out on tour with MORBID ANGEL. The band is moving forward on their next recording with Tim Yeung. Currently the guys are in rehearsals in Tampa putting their finishing touches on the songs for the new album, which is slated for later this year with subsequent touring world wide."

Swedish Rock’n’ Roll Punk Rockers IRON LAMB, a band consisting of Metal veterans Johan Wallin (General Surgery, Scurvy, Bombstrike, ex – Repugnant), Grga Lindström (ex – Repugnant), Thomas Daun (Dismember, ex – Repugnant, ex – Insision) and Daniel Ekeroth (Tyrant, ex – Insision, ex – Dellamorte, author of the "Swedish Death Metal" book), has posted a brand new track (‘I Don’t Like You’) on their official myspace site www.myspace.com/ironlambofficial, which comes off from the upcoming split 7" with Swedish Hardcore Punk band Motorbreath. IRON LAMB will soon enter the studio for the debut full-length album. More details to be announced soon.

"Evighetens Dårar II", the 2nd part of the "Evighetens Dårar" trilogy and nothing else than the new demo of Swedish "free-of-charge-Death-Metal-commando" TORTURE DIVISION is available now in the download section of their homepage www.torturedivision.net. Again produced mixed by Dan Swanö "Evighetens Dårar II" offers nothing else than "the world’s best Death Metal for free", according to the band themselves. Check it out and use the "fucken paypal button" (as they write) to support them.

March 17, 2010

Pagan Records have released a limited edition (500 copies) SATHANAS / NOMINON vinyl split 7" that features exclusive unreleased versions of songs from each band (‘Cult Of Blood’ by SATHANAS and ‘Release In Death’ by NOMINON). The cover art was supplied by Chris Moyen. For more info go to www.paganrecords.com.pl

March 14, 2010

German Thrashers DESTRUCTION recently posted the following news on their official myspace site www.myspace.com/officialdestruction: "Now it’s official, the DVD "A Savage Symphony", is the farewell gift from drummer Marc Reign for the DESTRUCTION fans. Tour-stress caused personal and musical differences, so both parties decided to go separate ways in the future. Marc will concentrate on his rock-project VOLCANO and wants to keep himself open for other musical styles. He wants to thank all the DESTRUCTION maniacs worldwide and the band for all the great fun and support over all those years! Mike and Schmier wish him all the best and much success for his future projects. All announced shows will of course go ahead! DESTRUCTION are currently writing new material that will "go more back to the roots", referring a statement from frontman Schmier."

BESTIAL DEATH‘s "Suicide Of The Immortal" demo is going to be unleashed by Israhellbanger Records in the classic tape format, exactly as it should have been done back in 1986, when it was recorded. It is scheduled to be released in June 2010 on pro-tape, featuring a 1" logo pin and an A4 poster. No "special" versions, no efforts to raise the "quality" of the sound and no compromises will be made. For more info go to www.israhellbanger.com

March 11, 2010

Chile’s PENTAGRAM have completed their first studio recording in over 20 years. During their European tour in the summer of 2009, the band recorded the track ‘Demented’ – which was written in the 80s but didn’t make it onto either of PENTAGRAM’s demos – at HVR Studios in the UK with producer / engineer Dan Biggin at the helm. The vocals were recorded in Santiago, Chile in December when the band gathered in their hometown to support VENOM in front of 2,000 raging old school Metallers. The track is currently being mixed and should surface on a split 7" (for Cyclone Empire’s "Imperial Anthems" EP series) later this year. More details will be announced soon. In addition, the band has begun writing new material for its first-ever full-length album. Comments bandleader Anton Reisenegger (guitar / vocals): "When we started writing, the idea was obviously to preserve the spirit of our 80s material, but, to be honest, we didn’t have to try very hard. It all started flowing naturally, and it was all there: the dark vibe, the weird time changes, the ‘spider’ riffs… We are having a great time writing new music, but it’s going to take some time to complete an album’s worth of material due to the logistical difficulties. But we don’t want to rush things anyway, and this way we can make sure what we put out really lives up to the legend that PENTAGRAM represents for so many people." PENTAGRAM intend to return to Europe this year again for another string of festivals and selected club shows. www.myspace.com/pentagramchileofficial

KRYPTS "Open The Crypt" demo on 12" and PUTRID‘s second demo tape are now available from Detest Records. Within the next weeks Detest Records will also release MIASMAL‘s and GRAVEHAMMER‘s first 7" EPs as well as ENTRAPMENT‘s first demo. More info and updates at www.detestrecords.com

March 09, 2010

TRIPTYKON, the group formed by former Hellhammer / Celtic Frost singer, guitarist, and main songwriter Tom Gabriel Warrior, will release their highly anticipated album "Eparistera Daimones" in March 2010. To catch a glimpse at this monolithic opus either visit the band’s official MySpace page where you can already stream two full songs (www.myspace.com/triptykonofficial) or watch the following atmospheric online teaser clips featuring short music samples taken from the album: Triptykon1, Triptykon2, Triptykon3, Triptykon4. "Eparistera Daimones" will be released as deluxe mediabook CD edition incl. 28-page booklet and extensive liner notes as well as gatefold double LP via Century Media Records under exclusive license from Prowling Death Records Ltd. on the following dates: Germany / Austria / Switzerland / Italy: March 19, 2010. UK / Benelux / France / Greece / Denmark / Norway / Portugal / rest of Europe: March 22, 2010. Spain: March 23, 2010. Sweden / Finland / Hungary: March 24, 2010. In an exceptionally rare gesture, HR Giger has granted TRIPTYKON the use of his dramatic painting "Vlad Tepes" (work no. 412, 200 x 140 cm, acrylic on paper on wood, 1978). It is the artist’s first authorized appearance on an album cover in 17 years, and the second time he collaborates with Warrior (following Celtic Frost’s "To Mega Therion" album in 1985). A new and exclusive gallery showing HR Giger and "Vlad Tepes" from 1978 has been added to the "Multimedia / Imagery" section on the band’s official homepage www.triptykon.net. Furthermore, TRIPTYKON have announced a couple of warm-up shows prior to the band’s appearance at this year’s Roadburn Festival where Tom G. Warrior is hosting the special event Only Death Is Real on April 16th. The upcoming TRIPTYKON live dates you will find in our tourdates section.

March 08, 2010

Philadelphia’s GOREAPHOBIA will join KULT OF AZAZEL, BLOODFEAST and ANAL CUNT as one of the headliners of this year’s March Metal Massacre Fest in Reading, PA. Featuring over a dozen brutal bands, the show will take place at The Silo Nightclub on March 27th. Visit www.pametalshows.com for details and ticket information. GOREAPHOBIA guitarist Alex Bouks comments on the night of brutality: "We are excited to kick off the year as one of the headliners of the March Metal Massacre. We look forward to seeing all you metal tyrants there. We’re also excited to be sharing the stage with friends KULT OF AZAZEL and the other great bands that will play this year."

March 07, 2010

SATHANAS will enter 905 Studios in April to begin recording their next full length album, entitled "La Hora De Lucifer". The album, that will feature artwork by Kris Verwimp, will be released by Pagan Records in Europe, Austral Holocaust Productions in South America, Evil Dead Production in Asia, and an as of yet unannounced label in the United States. Each region will have its own exclusive bonus track. The track listing reads as follows: ‘Angels Forsaken’, ‘La Hora De Lucifer’, ‘Forged In Eternal Fire’, ‘Battle Of Bewitchment’, ‘Dark Conjurings’, ‘Engraved In The Book Of Death’, ‘Hammer Of Demons’, ‘Nocturnal Reign’, ‘Blackest Hate’ plus 1 of 4 regional bonus tracks. For more info go to www.sathanas.net

March 05, 2010

Ibex Moon Records has just signed Chicago’s CARDIAC ARREST. In addition to appearing alongside newfound labelmates such as Incantation, Acheron, Fatalist and Gravehill at this year’s Central Illinios and Michigan Deathfests, May 25th, 2010 will also see the release of Cardiac Arrest’s third full-length, "Haven For The Insane". The band had this to say about their relationship with Ibex Moon Records: "We are humbly honored to join the ranks of the Ibex Moon Records roster. Most of us have known John for a very long time, and have the upmost respect for him. Being on a larger label run by a musician is absolutely ideal for a band like us. We’re finally ‘home,’ as they say. We collectively look forward to growing a lasting relationship with Ibex Moon Records; bringing our brand of Death Metal, Heart Stopping Death Rot, to the masses. You have been warned. See you on the road!" A video trailer promoting "Haven For The Insane" can be seen at this location. Pre-orders will be available soon through www.ibexmoonrecords.com or www.officialabyssrecords.com. The band has posted a new track from "Haven For The Insane", entitled ‘The Blade That Reaps’ on their official myspace site www.myspace.com/deathrot.

March 04, 2010

RETROSPECTIVA AL METAL CHILENO (1983-1993) is a recently released book about the Chilean Metal scene of the decade 1983 up to 1993, as you might guess out of the title. 216 pages in 30 x 24cm deluxe format and written in Spanish language this book is meant for all those who are interested in a rather unknown Metal scene and especially in a collection of Thrash Metal bands from Chile around this era. The limited deluxe edition includes a 12" compilation LP (gatefold format) with a selection of old school Chilean bands such as VASTATOR, TORTURER, DORSO, NECROSIS, NIMROD, D.T.H., IN AGGRESSION, DARKNESS, CANCERBERO, BETRAYED, BELIAL, SQUAD, RUST and MASSACRE (all tracks featured here have never been on this format before). The book sells for 46 USD + shipping. If an English edition will be available later is not clear for the moment, therefore this goes out to those who are able to understand Spanish to dare a look at www.corvusdiscos.cl and read more information about this book and about the other releases of this small old school underground label and distro.

March 02, 2010

DENIAL FIEND have issued a statement about the band’s follow up to their 2007 debut full length, "They Rise". According to guitarist Sam Williams the as-of-yet untitled album will feature eight gore-filled tracks. One, entitled ‘Hell Asylum’, will feature guest leads from Steve Swanson (SIX FEET UNDER, ex-MASSACRE), Ralph Santolla (ex-DEICIDE, OBITUARY etc.) and James Murphy (ex-DEATH, ex-TESTAMENT etc.). The album is nearing completion with all of the guitars and drums tracked and the bass and vocals nearly done. Mixing is set to begin at the end of March. Regarding the direction the band has taken since recruiting new members last year, Williams had this to say, "Whether it’s the infusion of the new members and their particular backgrounds or just the way we were going already… the new album is faster, thrashier, heavier and tighter. Old school Crossover Hardcore / Thrash meets Death Metal." DENIAL FIEND’s 2010 recording line-up reads like this: Terry Butler – bass (SIX FEET UNDER, ex-MASSACRE, ex-DEATH), Sam Williams – guitars (DOWN BY LAW, PSEUDO HEROES), Rob Rampy – drums (D.R.I.) and Blaine Cook – vocals (THE ACCÜSED, TOE TAG). For more DENIAL FIEND updates, check out the band’s new Facebook page or visit www.myspace.com/denialfiendband.

Swedish FERAL have just published the following statement: "FERAL are honored to sign to John McEntee’s Ibex Moon Records, having released many albums of artists that we show great respect to. Several years of writing has given us loads of material to choose from and the time to rework our songs to perfection. Expect nothing else than our debut album to be a slab of rotting flesh reeking of groovy Swedish Death Metal. New tracks never released in any form will be recorded during this session as well, including probably the most intense material we have ever spawned. Primal rage and pure malevolence lies ahead, the FERAL beast is now howling under the Ibex Moon!" For more info check out www.myspace.com/feralswe.