April 01, 2011

KING DIAMOND‘s wife Livia has recently published a note about KING’s health after his triple-bypass surgery: "King has just finished his Cardiac Rehabilitation program Friday, March 11th, and graduated with flying colors. Thanks to the wonderful people at the rehab center, his exercise regimen helpe him gain a lot of muscle, and start on the road of building up good endurance. We will start regular exercises now to get the endurance up to nice levels. The examinations by his heart surgeon and cardiologist revealed that his health is steadily improving, and they all expect him to feel better than ever, 15 years younger than he really is." She also said, that she’s "immensely proud of what he has achieved in these short 3 months" and that "he is looking forward to finishing the DVDs eventually, and he is most certainly not stopping music", even though she can’t "say anything certain about when he will be back working on King Diamond related things". Livia also wanted the fans to know the following: "He would also like to extend his huge gratitude to all of you, for your absolutely amazing support. It has really meant a lot to him.

ROTTEN SOUND kick-off their ‘Cursed To Tour’ headlining European tour today, April 1st, in Germany. This month-long tour, in support of their brand new album "Cursed", will also include TRAP THEM, GAZA, THE KANDIDATE and HAUST. Following this tour, ROTTEN SOUND will head to Japan for the Kabuto Metal Fest alongside MORBID ANGEL and THE HAUNTED. ROTTEN SOUND has debuted the video for the "Cursed" track ‘Hollow’ online at the Decibel Magazine blog. It was directed by Casper Haugegaard for Jawbreaker Productions. To go along with the video, the band recently took part in a veggie-burger eating contest at Tattooed Mom’s in Philadelphia, PA. Decibel Magazine was on hand to capture the event, which can be viewed now here.

Polish PANDEMONIUM have been signed by Pagan Records. The band is currently working on material for their new album called "Misanthropy". The recording session will begin in late April, with a release scheduled for autumn 2011. ‘Black Forest’, a new song that will appear on the album in a new version, is available at www.myspace.com/pandemonium_pl and www.paganrecords.com.pl. On March 12, 2011 Godz Ov War Productions / Hellshop published a vinyl re-edition of the band’s cult demo "Devilri". On May 02, 2011 PANDEMONIUM will play a show in at Warsaw’s Progresja club in Poland, together with INCANTATION and CHRIST AGONY and on June 04, 2011 they will appear at the Silesian Massacre Fest Vol. 3 at the Mega Club in Katowice, Poland with ENTOMBED, KRISIUN, KATAKLYSM, DODHEIMSGARD, URGEHAL, KAMPFAR, BELPHEGOR, VREID and many others. For all further information check out www.pandemonium.metal.pl

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