August 18, 2011

"The Tomb Awaits", the second full length album by Sweden’s old school Deathers ENTRAILS, is set for a September 09, 2011 release on Dark Descent Records in North America and on F.D.A. Records in Europe. Once again mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö, the album also features guest vocals by Swanö and cover art by Daniel Devilish. The tracklist reads like this: ‘The Tomb Awaits’, ‘Unleashed With Wrath’, ‘Crawling Death’, ‘Eaten By The Dead’, ‘To Live Is To Rot’, ‘Undead’, ‘The Slithering Below’, ‘End Of All Existence’, ‘Collection Of Cracked Heads’, ‘Remains In Read’, ‘Total Death’ and ‘Unspeakable Obscenities’. More info at

Slovakian Death Metallers PERVERSITY have been signed by Lavadome Productions for the release of the band’s upcoming fourth album, "Ablaze", due out on August 31, 2011. You can check out the album’s cover art and a track from the album (‘Merciless Messiah’) at the following location:

In late 2011 Abyss Records will be releasing "Inevitable Decay", the debut full length from Swedish old school Thrashers ENTRENCH. A vinyl treatment will follow through Sweden’s Blood Harvest Records. Tracklist: ‘As Dawn Breaks’, ‘Debt Of Sorrow’, ‘Portrait Of A Phobia’, ‘Into Oblivion’, ‘Doubt What’s Left’, ‘Blind Illusion’, ‘Crossing The River’ and ‘Where Only Ruins Remain’. More info at

Swedish Death Metallers FETUS STENCH have released the first installment of a video blog about the recording of their debut album. You can check it out at The album will be released through Abyss Records in early 2012. More at

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