August 20, 2011

Cryptorium Records will be re-releasing the classic "Calls From The Beyond" album by Swedish Death Metallers MEGASLAUGHTER. This release will be the first proper re-release of the album with great sound quality and a bonus CD featuring all the demos ("Negative Bitch" from 1989, "Death Remains" from 1990, the "Demo ’91" and 2 never before released rehearsal songs that were recorded at the end of ’91). With contribution by the former members the booklet will be full of never before seen photos, flyers and gig posters spanning the period between 1988 – 1992. A new cover artwork has been provided by renowned artist Joe Petagno (MARDUK, ANGELCORPSE, MOTÖRHEAD, DIABOLIC etc.), the new cover is based on the original artwork and also features the band’s real logo. When the album was first released in 1991 the frontcover was made without the band’s control and has become known as one of the most sloppy made covers in the history of Death Metal (it didn’t even feature the band’s own logo, the artist just made up a logo for the band and painted it on the cover). The original cover will be featured in the booklet just as the covers for all the demos. Some minor work is still being made with the layout, further news will come of the exact date of release etc.

US warmachine KOMMANDANT and Swedish Deathers NOMINON will release a vinyl split 7" through Cryptorium Records. KOMMANDANT (featuring members of acts like INCESTUOUS, CONTAGION / FUNEREAL, KRIEG, NACHTMYSTIUM, CIANIDE and more), will contribute a new song called ‘Absence Of Light’, while NOMINON will recorded the IMPALED NAZARENE cover ‘Human Proof’ (from the album "Nihil"). More info at

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