December 15, 2011

Desert Thrashers REBIRTH have launched a campaign on, a funding platform for creative project, to raise funds for the completion of their forthcoming album, "From The Ashes, Arise". Vocalist / lyricist Marshal "Fucking" Beck (REIGN OF VENGEANCE) issued the following statement regarding the campaign: "I’ve decided that if the extreme Metal community does not step up in getting this REBIRTH album completed that we are going to re-write what we’ve already recorded and make it sound like an even more commercialized version of 5 FINGER DEATH PUNCH, LIMP BIZKIT and LINKIN PARK. I will then make sure to advertise it to the world as being an extreme Metal album. Our past releases have had over 2 million downloads with only 200 of them paid for. Do your part and we’ll do ours. Watch the video here." More REBIRTH info at

Florida Doom / Death band DRUID LORD recently released a split 7" EP with SKELETAL SPECTRE on Horror Pain Gore Death Records. The track is titled ‘Dark Age Sorcery’. Both bands have exclusive artwork and one original song. DRUID LORD’s artwork was handled by Ilsa’s drummer Joshy. This is an extremely limited release on dreary purple wax. To order contact Horror Pain Gore Death Records at DRUID LORD have also just completed recording two original songs for their upcoming EP "Druid Death Cult". The recordings were done at Blakk Magik Studios. The tracks clock in at 6 minutes each. Artwork is being handled by horror / gore artist Mark Riddick. Expect an early 2012 release on Doomentia Records.

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