February 27, 2011

The vinyl re-edition of PANDEMONIUM‘s "Devilri" has officially been postponed to March 12, 2011. This will also have a more positive effect on the final version since all material that was sent in by the fans will be used and thus enrich the release. www.myspace.com/pandemonium_pl

THEVETAT is a new old school Death Metal band from New York. The line-up right now consists of Thomas Pioli (ex-CEREMONIUM, guitars), Craig Smilowski (ex-IMMOLATION / ex-GOREAPHOBIA, drums) and Mitch Coken (ex-ENGORGE, ex-DIABOLICUS, bass). A second guitarist and vocalist are still required. Any interested parties may contact Thomas for details at ceremonium@aol.com. In related news, the CEREMONIUM "Dreams We Have Written" discography album is now mastered, the layout has just been completed and will be released by Weird Truth Productions very soon. The band have created a myspace page to support its release www.myspace.com/ceremonium

MDD Records will release the new ABRASIVE CD "The Birth – Born In Sodom" on April 15, 2011. Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘On My Face’, ‘Hate Us’, ‘Hungry’, ‘Porn Addicted’, ‘Unleash’, ‘The Other Side’, ‘Tales Of Lust’, ‘Wysiwyg’, ‘Still Standing (Pussyfied Pt. II)’, ‘Stimulate’ plus intro and outro. The cover will feature a painting by Bolek Budzyn (LOUDBLAST). More info at www.myspace.com/abrasiveger

Oulu, Finland based Death Metallers E-XPLOSIVES have just recorded their first two tracks of "relentless, punishing, hammering old school Death Metal assault," hoping to find a singer for the group. The band plans to record more music later in the year, this time in a professional studio. According to a press release, E-XPLOSIVES was formed during the summer of 2010 when "an unholy union of seasoned Death Metal warriors" was assembled by guitarists Risto "Crazy" Ruuth (ex-ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW) and Jukka "Banjo" Valppu (ex-MYTHOS). Drummer Teemu "Blastbeat Menace" Hautaniemi (also ex-MYTHOS) was asked to join and brought bassist Sami "Coma" Kettunen (WARCEREMONY) along to the rehearsals. For more information visit www.e-xplosives.fi

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