January 03, 2011

Spain’s OMISSION have finished the recordings for their second full length album "Merciless Jaws From Hell", which will be released through Xtreem Music on January 15, 2011. The band suffered a few line-up changes since the release of the debut album "Thrash Metal Is Violence" in late 2009. The new album was recorded by the two remaining members Patillas (guitars / vocals) and Marco (guitars), with the addition of new bass player Surt and with AVULSED’s drummer Riky playing the entire recording as session member, as the band is still searching for a steady drummer. "Merciless Jaws From Hell" was recorded between August – October and the tracklist reads as follows: ‘Erotic Nightmares’, ‘A Field Sowed Of Coffins’, ‘Northmen Wrath’, ‘We Are The Dead’, ‘Architects Of Fear’, ‘Fuckin’ Alone’, ‘The Light In My Dark’, ‘Here We Stand’, ‘Day Of Your Death Arrives…’, ‘You Can’t Hide’ and ‘Ianus Rex Infernorum’. The track "We Are The Dead" is currently available for streaming through the band’s official myspace page www.myspace.com/omissionthrashmetal

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