January 28, 2011

After eight long years Chicago’s MACABRE have finally finished a new album entitled "Grim Scary Tales".This time the band has cleverly devised a "story book of murder", as "Grim Scary Tales" traces some of the most infamous serial killers and mass murderers, including Locusta, Vlad Tepes, Gilles Garnier, Elizabeth Bathory, Mary Ann Cotton, the Bender Family, Lizzie Borden, Karl Grossmann and more. Recorded and mixed at The Ensomberoom by Geoff Montgomery (The Chasm, Coffinworm, Shub Niggurath, Couldron), the album also bears original artwork and layout crafted by Scott Jackson of Monsterman Graphics and Rock N Roll Comics notoriety, perfectly visualizing the album’s gory nature. As always, also "Grim Scary Tales" will be released on the band’s own label Decomposed Records and directly licensed for a North American release on February 08 via Willowtip Records and in Europe on January 31 via Hammerheart Records. Here’s the complete track listing: ‘Locusta’, ‘Nero’s Inferno’, ‘The Black Knight’, ‘Dracula’, ‘The Big Bad Wolf’, ‘Countess Bathory’ (VENOM cover), ‘Burke And Hare’, ‘Mary Ann’, ‘The Bloody Benders’, ‘Lizzie Borden’, ‘The Ripper Tramp From France’, ‘Bella The Butcher’, ‘The Kiss Of Death’ and ‘The Sweet Tender Meat Vendor’.

Swedish cult act MORBID have teamed up with Century Media Records to release "Year Of The Goat", a 100% official vinyl and CD offering covering the seminal band’s first demo "December Moon", live and rehearsal recordings on April 04, 2011 in Europe."Year Of The Goat" will be available as ultra deluxe triple-gatefold LP with three 180g vinyls, printed inner sleeves and slipcase as well as deluxe kingsize 2CD mediabook in a slipcase packaging. All material has been collected and compiled by Dr. Schitz in cooperation with Napoleon Pukes, Drutten, Klacke, TG as well as Dead’s brothers Anders and Daniel Ohlin. It also features liner notes by Daniel Ekeroth (author of "Swedish Death Metal") along with an in-depth interview by Metalion (taken from the final issue of Slayer Magazine). Rounded off with cover artwork and entire layout being done by Erik Danielsson (WATAIN), "Year Of The Goat" is the first comprehensive MORBID release that truly honors the band’s musical legacy and memory of legendary vocalist Dead – also renowned for his time in Norwegian black metal act MAYHEM – who committed suicide on April 08, 1991. Dr Schitz states in his interview with Metalion (Slayer Mag): "I would have been quite content if MORBID would have remained in utter obscurity, but the Norns wanted otherwise and who am I to argue with them? Seeing all the bootlegs (over 35 last time I counted, and they keep coming) and interest in MORBID we decided that it would be proper to bring some closure to it all by doing a final, ultimate release. Not to cash in; on the contrary as we have decided to not make any profit but rather donate the proceeds to worthy causes. Of course, also to pay respect to our fans, to the memory of Dead, and to whatever we shared back then. I am very pleased and proud that just about all the old members have actively been involved in the production, without a trace of ego-bullshit. We have spared no efforts in making the very best we could. It should prove to be utterly essential to any fan of MORBID (and Dead)!" The complete tack-listing reads like this: CD / LP 1: ‘My Dark Subconscious’, ‘Wings Of Funeral’, ‘From The Dark’, ‘Disgusting Semla’ (all taken from the "December Moon" Demo 1986), ‘My Dark Subconscious’, ‘Wings Of Funeral’, ‘Tragic Dream / From The Dark’, ‘Deathexecution’ and ‘Disgusting Semla’ (all rehearsal tracks). CD 2 (or LP 2 and 3) features the following live tracks: ‘Intro’, ‘My Dark Subconscious’, ‘Deathexecution’, ‘Wings Of Funeral’, ‘Citythrasher (Schnabelkäse)’, ‘Necrodead’, ‘Tragic Dream’, ‘Disgusting Semla’, ‘From The Dark’ (recorded live at Birkagården, Stockholm, October 23, 1987), ‘Wings Of Funeral’, ‘Deathexecution’, ‘Necrodead’, ‘Disgusting Semla’ (recorded live at Ultrahuset, Stockholm, April 26, 1987), ‘Wings Of Funeral’, ‘Citythrasher / Deathexecution’, ‘My Dark Subconscious’ and ‘Necrodead’ (recorded live at Ultrahuset, November 23, 1987). For more info check out www.centurymedia.com

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