July 09, 2011

German Death Metallers ANDABATA have released their fourth full length CD "Corpse Grinding Machine" on May 28, 2011. More info and sound samples you’ll find at www.andabata.de

Ron Vento of AURORA BOREALIS sent in the following news regarding making their entire discography available for free to everyone: "I have decided that I want to make our entire discography available to everyone for free. There are tons of people out there can simply cannot afford to buy CDs in these tough times. Of course we will still continue to sell hard copies of the CDs that are still available to those people who collect CDs, or want the hard copies. I made this decision after the success we had from offering the new "Timeline: The Beginning And End Of Everything" CD as a free download. The response was overwhelming from people who appreciated the gesture. We hope our fans enjoy this. We know some of our first few albums are very hard to find and are pretty expensive. There are still people out there that do not feel right stealing or downloading an album illegally so we want to make it easy for them without breaking the law. The free downloads section will also include a zip file ("Covering The Skies") of every cover song we were involved in or recorded. This is not for sale anywhere, nor will it be ever. Some of the covers sound really bad because they are so old and some sound great. Either way they are fun to listen to and we have had many people asking about them. The downloads can be found at www.auroraborealis.org/html/downloads.html. Some of the clips of the making of the new CD can still be found at www.youtube.com/user/AURORA4DTH?feature=mhee. We are also now on facebook at www.facebook.com/pages/Aurora-Borealis-official/110855228945757. We hope you guys enjoy this. It is our way of thanking you all for 15 years of support."

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