July 15, 2011

Patrik Jensen of WITCHERY released the following official statement: “We are saddened to announce the departure of Legion (ex – MARDUK, ex – DEVIAN), singer of last years WITCHERY ear crusher "Witchkrieg". Unfortunately, conflicting schedules made a continued collaboration impossible. We are very thankful for Legion’s input and work on our latest album, and we wish him only the very best for the future. WITCHERY will however not remain without a leader to take them thru the netherworlds and beyond. None other than Emperor Magus Caligula (ex – DARK FUNERAL) has decided to once again adorn his armor, and go off to battle for the better of darkness and evil.” Emperor Magus Caligula: "Getting an offer to play with some of Sweden’s finest elite in Metal, I just couldn’t resist. Together with WITCHERY, I will once again spread chaos and hatred upon this world. The emperor is back, and together we will conquer ALL!!!" Also fans in Finland, Germany and Norway can soon witness the power of Emperor Magus Caligula throat torture at the upcoming Tuska, Summerbreeze and Inferno Festivals.

Moribund Records have signed Italiy’s cult Black Metal act ABHOR. The band will make their Moribund debut with "Ab Luna Lucenti, Ab Noctua Protecti", set for release on September 27, 2011. Commenting on the signing, ABHOR stated the following: "After 16 years in the underground and a long period of silence, ABHOR is back. We’re finally proud to announce that from now on we’ll follow the sinister path along with the Moribund Cult. Expect the most occult music you’ve ever listened to…slow, sinister, and brooding with evil intent!" More info at www.moribundcult.com and www.legioneocculta.com

Scottsdale, Arizona based technical Deathers REIGN OF VENGEANCE are currently seeking a qualified new drummer. Interested parties should read the following: Must be able to tour and play live shows according to the band’s schedule. Must be able to record in Arizona. Should live in the Southwestern part of the United States. Must be at least 21 years old. Play to a click in the studio and live performances. Extremely versatile in all styles of drumming but also be a fucking blast machine with great stamina and flawless timing. Send a video playing along with ‘She’s Best Kept Headless’, ‘A Friendly Favor Returned’, and ‘Disemboweling Swine’. Engaging in side projects and other bands is alright but REIGN OF VENGEANCE is the top priority. Fans of horror movies and thorough horror movie knowledge is a huge bonus but not necessary as you will receive an education in this from the band and our label. No fucking drug addicts. Send an email to gregs@braindamagefilms.com to establish contact. Do not be a pain in the ass to deal with. REIGN OF VENGEANCE have just released their debut "Disemboweling Swine" through Brain Damage Music. More info at www.reignofvengeance.com

Georgia-based Black Metallers HELLGOAT will join forces with Alabama’s Death Metal manics GRAVE RITUAL for a mini-tour, that also includes a stop at the "Emperors Of The Black Abyss Fest" in Houston featuring PROCLAMATION, NECROHOLOCAUST, BLACK WITCHERY, IMPRECATION, MORBOSIDAD, WAR MASTER, NYOGTHAEBLISZ, MORBUS 666, BLASPHERIAN and NODENS. You’ll find the dates in our tourdates section

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